How to activate YouTube 1.5GB for N500 on MTN

by Johnson Daniel

MTN is trying their possible best to keep their customers entertained and knowing fully well that the internet is a world of its own, you can get almost anything you need from the internet, entertainment very much on the list. With the help of popular platforms like YouTube, you don’t need to worry about getting bored during this period and being a mobile subscriber seems to be one good decision.

To help keep you entertained on YouTube as an MTN subscriber, the telecom operator has introduced two (2) new data plans to the list of YouTube data plans available and they are the 1-hour unlimited streaming & 1.5GB data plans, they both cost N150 & N500 respectively.

How to subscribe to MTN YouTube data plans


  • 1-hour unlimited streaming for N150 – Dial ∗131∗8∗1∗1#
  • 1.5GB (1GB YouTube + 500MB data) for N500 – Dial ∗131∗8∗3∗1#photo5789795359197869354

The first data plan gives you unlimited access to YouTube for only an hour while the second plan which costs N500 gives you 1GB data to use for YouTube and 500MB data to use for browsing, downloading and streaming also. This N500 data plan is valid for 14 days. To check your data balance, dial ∗131∗4# or send “2” to 131 to get your data balance.

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