How to add reaction and comment buttons to posts on a Telegram channel

by Johnson Daniel

As a Telegram channel owner, having to know how your subscribers feel towards a certain or all of your posts is a good thing for your channel. What necessary steps can you take to know your subscribers’ thoughts? One way is to own a group chat for that channel, another way is to attach reactions and if possible, comment buttons to the posts on your Telegram channel.How to add reaction and comment buttons to posts on a Telegram channel

Having a group should be the best way to go about communicating with your subscribers however, having reaction buttons alongside comment buttons to posts on your Telegram channel is fun. Trust me, I’ve tried it and I’m currently using it for one of my channels.

Since it’s Telegram, you don’t have to worry about stressing yourself over adding reaction and comment buttons to your channel posts, why? There are a whole lot of bots that can help you with that and in this article, we are going to focus on the easiest way you can add these buttons to your channels’ posts.

How to add reaction and comment buttons to posts on a Telegram channel

Following our normal routine, I’ve created a video tutorial showing you the necessary steps to take in order to add these buttons to your channel’s posts. If you enjoy the video, please do leave like, you can subscribe if you want to, no harm done. For those who prefer the text version, you can continue with the article.

  • Go to your Telegram and search for React Bot, and tap START.
  • Send ‘/addchannel’ as a message to the bot and add the bot to your channel admins.
  • After doing that, forward a message to the bot to confirm that you’ve made it an admin.
  • Once you’ve done that, you will begin to get a reaction and comment buttons attached to anything you post on your channel.

You have the option to edit how you want the buttons to appear, you can disable reaction or comment buttons for all or a single post and do a whole lot more. Just have it in mind that the bot adds these buttons automatically, you don’t need to do anything from your end.

That’s all for this if you find it a little bit confusing, I’d advise you to see the video tutorial. Other than that, you can join my Telegram channel if you wish to get faster updates from us.

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