Subtitle files help us to understand the words that are being said on a video, sometimes it helps us translate the words spoken in a video by displaying the words on a particular area of the screen. In a ratio of 1 to 10, some will give the relevance of adding subtitle files to a video 11.

Adding subtitle files to a video is easy if you use Android, sometimes all you need to do is just to download the file and hopefully, your device’s media player might pick up the subtitle file and display it on the video but it doesn’t work that way for iPhone users.

Just some months back, I showed you guys how to download movies on an iPhone device with ease, here today, I’m going to enlighten you on how to add subtitle to a video on iPhone.

How to add subtitle to a Video on iPhone

Go to the Apple App Store, download VLC Media Player. Immediately you download the app, it creates a folder on your iPhone device, now go to any source you can get a subtitle file from, search for the file and download it. Make sure you save the subtitle file to the folder, VLC.

Now go back to the VLC Media Player app and launch the movie. You should see the captions on the video now. Just in case it doesn’t work for you or you failed to understand everything I’ve said here, please watch this video.

That’s how to add subtitle to a video on iPhone. If you need a place where you can download subtitle file(s), join our Telegram group and make a request for any subtitle file you need, it will be delivered to you.

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