• Opera will pay Publisher fifty percent (50%) of Opera’s Net Advertising Revenue, where “Net Advertising Revenue” means all amounts actually collected by Opera from advertisers and/or ad networks for the placement of advertisements on a webpage displaying Publisher’s Content.
  • Within twenty (20) days after the end of each calendar quarter, Opera will issue a summary report by email to the address provided by Publisher. This report will include the total Net Advertising Revenue for the preceding calendar quarter and the total amount payable to Publisher (“Publisher Payout”).
  • The Publisher Payout will be paid by Opera to Publisher within forty-five (45) days of Opera’s receipt of a true and accurate invoice sent as a .pdf by email to opera.software@bscs.basware.com. Other communications with Opera’s accounts payable department (other than invoices) should be sent to ap-help@opera.com. All payments by Opera shall be made in USD via wire transfer (no checks) to the account identified in Publisher’s invoice. If the total amount owed in any given calendar quarter is less than one-thousand (1,000) United States Dollars, the amount will be retained by Opera until such time as the total amount payable to exceeds 1,000 USD. Accumulated amounts shall not accrue any interest.

Did you read that last part well? Opera will pay the publisher when the ads they serve make nothing less than $1,000 which is equivalent to N360,000 in Nigeria. There is one problem with this payment structure and that is making the $1,000, you are given no dashboard to see how much you have made, unlike the Scooper PGC Program where you have access to a dashboard that shows you the amount of money that you have made for a specific period of time.

Well, since you are getting traffic to your blog, you don’t need to worry about the $1,000 in as much as it is a huge sum of money and it is very much needed in times like this but just focus on making your blog appear on Opera news feed. Let’s dive into the main topic for today.