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MTN has a backup service that provides you with a simple way to keep your phone and SIM contacts safe on a secure MTN online account.

As an MTN customer, you should not think of losing your contacts even when your SIM gets stolen or misplaced. Why? This backup service is there to prevent such an unfavourable possibility.

What is MTN Backup?

This is a service that gives every MTN user the option to safeguard the numbers on the SIM cards by storing them on the MTN backup online portal.

This service allows you to backup up to 200 contacts on your SIM and up to 5000 contacts on your mobile phone to an online account. This way, you can simply restore saved contacts if you do lose either your SIM or phone or even both.

How to use this service

Before you can make use of this service, you will need either a new backup SIM or a compatible, data-enabled phone within the telecom company’s data coverage – or both. You do not need to buy a special backup SIM card if your SIM was bought in 2010 or later. So, here’s how to use this service:

  •  SMS START to 307 or 7013 and follow the prompt. It gives you the option to choose the One Off or Auto-renewal service.

Alternatively, you can locate the SIM Services option on your device, select MTN Backup and then Backup SIM Contacts.

A token of N100 will be deducted from your account for a successful backup on the first session. However, every 14 days, MTN would automatically back up your contact to ensure newly added contacts are saved and that would cost N50.

SMS STATUS to 307 or 7013 to check the status of the MTN Backup service. And to get additional support on the MTN Backup service, SMS HELP to 307 or 7013.


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