How to become eligible for Airtel double data offer

by Johnson Daniel

Some weeks back, we looked at the double data plans on Airtel and not forgetting how to subscribe to them, but there was one big problem and that is and looks like it will be for a very long time, eligibility.

This eligibility issue has made many network providers not only Airtel but also 9mobile, and MTN users do not enjoy cheap data. For example, 9mobile has a special data offer that offers 1GB data for N200 but not all subscribers can purchase it, the same goes for MTN 1GB for N200 or even the all-new 1GB for N100.

It seems as if Airtel is fond of giving users ‘heart-attack’ when it concerns things like this. Just to mention a few, you have the Airtel 20X Recharge offer, only few members of the Airtel network can boldly say that they’ve used this plan. Enough with all the introduction, and let’s look at the Airtel double data offer a little bit before we can see how to become eligible for it.

As we should understand, an Airtel user will get double the data he or she purchases when they have the offer on, you will use the normal subscription code to buy the plans so don’t think that there is any special code for the double data offer.

On normal conditions, the normal Airtel plans are 750MB for N500, 1.5GB for N1000 and so on, but when the double data offer is on, you will be able to purchase 2 × 750 MB for the same N500, the same goes for every other plan. Here is a screenshot of the double data plans on the Airtel network.photo5869740926962870616 As you can see above, that’s how the data plans would look like when a subscriber has the double data offer active on their Airtel SIM card. At this point, I strongly believe that you’ve gotten the memo on what the double data offer is on the Airtel network, now, let’s nip off to see how we can become eligible for this offer.

How to become eligible for Airtel double data offer

As easy as it might not seem, all you have to do is to put your Airtel SIM card in a new smartphone and expect to be automatically eligible for the double data offer for the next 6 months. In case you put your SIM card in a new device and you find out that you still do not qualify for the double data offer, just send GET to 141 and you should be eligible.photo5834822366105022948No one is a magician when it comes to all these things, just try it out and see if you qualify for the Airtel double data offer. Honestly speaking, there is no cost or harm in trying this out because you are not asked to pay for anything. I’d love to see comments on whether this worked for you.

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