How to block access to your Wema account

by Johnson Daniel

ALAT by Wema account can be created easily under some minutes using a mobile phone. Banking with your mobile device as a Wema customer can leave your account vulnerable if your device(s) gets stolen or compromised.

It can also be that someone else might have gotten unauthorized access to your device(s) and might be trying to access your account. Well, you can block access to your account with ease to avoid any unfortunate stories. How to block access to your Wema account

How to block access to your Wema account

To maintain the security of your account is vital, and to prevent any unauthorized activity on your account, you need to dial ∗945∗911# from any mobile device available.

A menu would pop up, asking you if you want to block the account for yourself or another individual. If it’s for yourself, you should reply with 1. If it’s for a friend, reply with 2, and follow the prompts.

You can also use this code to deactivate the USSD feature for your account. If peradventure you do so, you can re-activate the USSD feature using the steps here.

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