How to block an Access bank ATM card

The ideal thing to do when your ATM card gets missing or stolen is to restrict access to the card immediately. You might not have the time to go to the bank to do this but not to worry, we are going to see how to block your Access Bank ATM card if it ever gets missing or stolen.

Fortunately, the available methods you can use to block access to your Access bank ATM card are simple and not time-consuming. In the advent of a missing, damaged or stolen ATM card, here are certain steps you must follow right away before you apply for a replacement.

How to block your Access bank ATM card

1. Using USSD code

Dial ∗901∗11# using any phone number or preferably, the number used linked to your Access bank account. Provide the bank registration phone number and your USSD PIN to successfully block your ATM card.

2. Using the Access bank mobile app

  • Launch the Access bank mobile app on your mobile phone and sign in.
  • Go to the Cards & Cheques Manage Cards Block.
  • Select an account to block, enter your PIN or Token number to successfully block the card linked to the account.

3. Using the customer care

If you can’t use the first two methods to block your Access bank ATM card, you can use this last method to successfully do that. There are several means you can use to contact Access bank customer support both online and offline. They are:

Telephone numbers

  • +234 1 733 2000
  • +234 1 280 2500
  • +234 1- 2712005- 7 (For card queries and inquiries)
  • 0700 22552 22377 (0700CALLACCESS)

Official social media pages



Blocking your Access ATM card doesn’t take up to 5 minutes depending on which method you use. However, note that blocking your Access ATM card doesn’t require you to reach the bank however, you will have to get to the bank if you want to unblock the ATM card.

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