The cheapest data plans on Airtel, 9mobile, MTN and Glo for October 2020

Long before now, Airtel introduced a new feature for their borrow-me credit service by giving you the liberty of borrowing airtime from them without having to make payment for any service charge.

Before launching this feature, Airtel charged between 15% service charge for every amount you borrow. This means that if you borrow N50 from Airtel, you would get 42.5 Naira credited into your Airtel account instead of the full N50 you requested for. However, this was before not now, I’m going to quickly show you how you can quickly borrow airtime on Airtel without paying for service logo

How to borrow Airtime on Airtel without paying for service charge

  • Dial ∗500∗0# on your Airtel SIM card
  • Reply with to borrow credit then borrow the airtime you’re eligible for

If you use the code, *500#, you would be charged 15% of the money borrowed as service charge. You can also borrow data using the same code just in case you want to borrow data from Airtel.

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