How to borrow credit more than once without paying back on 9mobile

by Johnson Daniel

The end of the year is fast approaching yet the telecom operators still have their foot on the pedal by introducing new ideas into the system, the telecom operator in question today is 9mobile.

We all know that you can borrow airtime on any network as long as you pay your debt later on. Before you can be able to borrow airtime again on that SIM card, you must have cleared your outstanding debt on that SIM card to be able to.

Now, this is actually where 9mobile might stand out from the rest. With the new update from 9mobile, you can now borrow credit on credit, so you never run out of credit or data anymore.

This means that you can now borrow airtime and borrow another one on your 9mobile SIM card. All you have to do is to dial *665# to get started.718E9E0D 76D3 49C5 9104 0254DB0A0DAB

Please ensure that you use this new innovation with utmost care for the telecom operator so as to make this enjoyable to both yourself and the rest customers.

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