How to buy apps from the App Store, pay for Apple subscriptions in Nigeria

by Johnson Daniel

Many Apple users in Nigeria were disappointed a few months ago when all Naira MasterCards and Visa cards were finally barred from making international payments. Not only did it affect Apple users, but many others as well; however, the goal of this article is to find a solution for “Apple users.” If you’re looking for a solution and happen to come across this article, you can give it a shot; who knows, it might work for you as well.

As an iOS user, you understand the significance of having a valid payment method linked to your Apple ID. You can purchase apps from the App Store, pay for Apple subscriptions such as iCloud+ and Apple Music, and purchase other media from Apple. Nigerians should have realized that having credit/debit cards as a valid payment method was the easiest way for them until their government imposed the ban.

Apple might accept a variety of payment methods (Apple Pay, Apple Card, Credit or Debit Cards, PayPal, Apple Business Lease (AFS Commercial Credit), Apple Gift Cards or Apple Account Balance) since some payment types are ineligible for orders that ship to multiple addresses, Nigerians find the use of Credit or Debit Cards as the best payment form available to them.

Oh! I didn’t forget about the ban placed on local cards, getting a dollar card should solve this problem for you. Whether physical from one of the local banks or virtual but hold on, not all virtual cards work on Apple. So which one you may ask? Simply continue reading.

How to make card payments on Apple in Nigeria

Chipper Cash’s virtual dollar card works for Apple payments. If you don’t already have an account with Chipper Cash, you can create one here on your device (Android or iOS). Launch the app on your device, create an account, and verify it.

How to verify your Chipper account:

  • Go to your “Profile” page at the top-right corner of your Home tab.Profile
  • Scroll to the bottom of the “Profile” page and tap “Get Verified.”
  • Tap “Verify My Account” and follow the given instructions.
  • Enter your email address.
  • Enter the 6-digit code sent to your email address.
  • Complete your video selfie (Please ensure your camera permission is allowed so that you can take the selfie).
  • Select your preferred verification document.
  • Take clear shots of your selected document (Front & Back).
  • Click “Upload Photo” to complete the process.
  • Your document will be reviewed for verification within 24-48 business hours.

If the verification fails, you will be notified of the reason. On the “Profile” tab, your verification status will change to “Needs Resubmission” or “Rejected”. If this is the case, you can re-submit your ID using the same steps outlined above.

How to claim your Chipper Virtual card

If you’ve reached this point, you should have had your account verified. Now that you are verified, you can go ahead with getting your card. To do so, follow the steps below:

  • Tap the “Card” tab.
  • Tap “Claim Card.”
  • Tap Address on the Verification Requirements Screen.
  • Select your country and enter your address.
  • Tap Phone Number and enter your phone number.Phone Number
  • Tap Identification Document.Identification Document
  • Select your preferred ID and upload the documents.
  • Once submitted, your Document Status should change to “Pending review.”
  • Tap Claim Card once the status changes to “Document approved.
  • Select a Card type – USD Card and tap Next to create it.
  • Allow a few seconds for your Card to be created, then tap Continue.Brand New Card
  • You can use these procedures to create a Chipper Naira card, it costs N1,000 to create one.

The next thing you need to do is to fund your Chipper Cash wallet with at least N2,000. You can do this by:

  • Going to your Profile page at the top-right corner of your Home tab.
  • Tap Add Cash.
  • Enter an amount.
  • Select your Bank Account.
  • Tap Add Cash and your transaction will be processed instantly or within 1-2 banking days.

Now that you’re done with this part, you need to transfer the funds in your wallet to your USD virtual card. Please follow these steps to add funds from your Chipper Wallet to your Chipper USD Virtual Card:

  • Go to your Card tab, select USD Card, and tap “Add Funds.”Chipper Dollar Card Funding
  • Enter your preferred amount, then tap on “Add Funds”. You will also be able to see the exchange rate applicable.
  • Your Chipper Wallet will be debited and your USD Virtual Chipper Card balance will be credited. Your transaction will also appear on your Card/Home tab. Chipper Dollar Card

You can now use the virtual card as your preferred payment method on Apple. You may be unable to link the card to your Apple ID if there is no money in it, which is why I advised you to fund your Chipper wallet with that amount.

That concludes this article. I hope you got what you were looking for out of it. If you have any questions to ask concerning this, feel free to leave a comment below.

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