How to cancel data auto-renewal on 9mobile, Airtel, MTN, and Glo

Data auto-renewal option has been available for a very long time to help customers to either renew expired data plans from the system without them having to subscribe manually.

This feature is quite good, however, what has an advantage, always has a disadvantage. Data auto-renewal can be annoying most times as you might get to spend on what you never planned to.

We know you don’t want it that way and you would want to subscribe anytime you want to so if you plan on learning how to cancel data auto-renewal feature on any of your mobile lines, this article is the right place where you can get that information.

How to cancel data auto-renewal on 9mobile

Cancelling the auto-renewal feature on any data plan on 9mobile is easy. You can do this by dialling ∗229∗0# or sending “STOP” to 229 via SMS. You will receive a confirmation message from 9mobile.

How to cancel data auto-renewal on Airtel

Airtel has cheap data plans to offer to it subscribers, you can view the complete list of data plans on Airtel here. After successful activation of any data plan on Airtel, you can opt-out of the auto-renewal option on Airtel by:

  • SMS “STOP” to 141;How to cancel data auto-renewal on Airtel
  • Calling the customer care line, 111.

How to cancel data auto-renewal on MTN

  • Dial ∗123∗5∗1#, reply with 1 to check your existing data plan.
  • SMS “No+Subscription code” to 131 to cancel auto-renewal on your SIM. For example, SMS “NO114” to 131 to cancel auto-renew for 40MB data plan (You can get the subscription code for any data plan on the MTN network here).How to cancel data auto-renewal on MTN

How to cancel data auto-renewal on Glo

Glo has good data plans that would give you a run for your money, this data plans also come with the auto-renewal feature to relieve you of the stress of having to subscribe to any data plan manually but let’s not forget that not everyone values this. Therefore, you can cancel data auto-renewal on any Glo data plan by sending “CANCEL” to 127.

With this little information, you should have no issue with cancelling auto-renewal on any data plan on 9mobile, Airtel, MTN or Glo network. Do well to share this article with friends and family members that need this information and if you encounter issues with cancelling auto-renewal on any data plan for yourself, feel free to drop a complaint below, I’ll be glad to help.

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