How to convert MTN airtime to cash (15% charge or less)

by Johnson Daniel

Over-recharge from your bank is a common thing these days, converting airtime back to cash is a topic I have covered on this blog already. The only downside anyone face when they convert airtime back to cash is a decrease in its value. A N100 airtime doesn’t cost the same amount when you convert them to cash using platforms available, it costs less.

In this article, I’ll be showing you the best way to convert airtime to cash and get the maximum return for it. Unfortunately, this method works for MTN conversion only and when you try to convert the airtime to cash, you won’t get charged more than 15%, sometimes, 10%.

How to convert MTN airtime to cash

Open this link – on your browser and sign up for an account. Provide the following: email address, Phone Number, Full Name, Username, Referral (Use – FoxxFi), Select Payment Method, and provide a password. After providing all of this, accept the terms and conditions, and finally, click the subscribe button.

If you select ‘Coupon Code’ as the payment method, you will be directed to a page where you can contact a vendor to get a coupon code. If you select ‘Online Payment’ as the payment method, you will be directed to a page where you can provide your payment details to make a one-time payment of N2,000 to have access to the dashboard.

Now that you’ve done all of this, you can convert the airtime to cash by following these steps:

  • Log in to your dashboard.
  • Tap All Menu > Swap Airtime to Cash.
  • Fill out the following information: Network, Phone Number, and Amount.
  • Tap Proceed and on the next page, you would see a number you need to send the airtime to – How to share and transfer airtime on MTN.
  • Send airtime to the number provided earlier and check your dashboard from time to time to see if you’ve been credited with the cash value. Once gotten, you can withdraw the cash to your bank account or use it to purchase the services on the platform.

How to withdraw from Dataway

  • Log in to your dashboard.
  • Look under WALLET BALANCE, and tap Send Money.
  • Fill out the information and click send money. You would get the money within 12 – 24 hours.

* Every withdrawal attracts a N50 charge.

This platform offers more services asides from airtime to cash conversion, they offer affordable data/airtime and bill payment services, including an easy way to earn more money online with reseller services, an affiliate system, free internet data and monthly rewards and so much more.

Making the N2,000 payment doesn’t only give you access to an account, it comes with what they call, Subscriber Benefits.  These benefits are divided into two categories: Basic and advanced benefits.Dataway Subscriber benefits

Basic Features (One-time membership fee/N2,000 only):

  • Access to earning opportunities.
  • Access to 2GB data value.
  • Access to cheapest pricing on SME data.
  • Access to 50% affiliate commission.
  • Access to free data bonus on daily T-Point.
  • Access to wallet V.A.N with Providus Bank.
  • Access to 3-4% discount on VTU airtime/data.
  • Access to 1-2% discount on Bill payments.
  • Access to reseller/vendor services.
  • Access to API services/WordPress plugin.
  • Access to POS terminal services.
  • Access to recharge card printing business.
  • Access to recharge card printing portal.
  • Access to discounted bulk recharge card pins.
  • Earn N1,000 + 1GB data bonus per referral.

Advanced Benefits (N2,000 monthly subscription renewal):

  • Access to everything on basic features.
  • Access to 5GB data value.
  • Access to top transaction monthly rewards.
  • Access to top referral monthly rewards.
  • Access to free banner advert space.
  • Access to eCom system / eShop.
  • Access to business webkits and tools.
  • Access to Info marketing tools.
  • Access to top niche products.
  • Access to monthly cash giveaways and millionaire contests.
  • Access to loyal active subscribers rewarded with gift items and a cash bonus.
  • Access to business branding materials and many add-ons.
  • Earn N1,000 + 1GB data bonus per referral.

Advanced Benefits (After 3 months):

  • As you renew your subscription monthly from the third month and beyond, you will retain all benefits above with a monthly 6GB data value.

With this knowledge on how to convert your MTN airtime to cash, you can as well start an airtime conversion business and make money from it.

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