How to convert WhatsApp voice messages into text

by Johnson Daniel

Sending messages using voice notes on WhatsApp should be one of the easiest methods to communicate with someone on the app. Stats show that this social messenger has over 1 billion daily active users who exchange about 55 billion messages. Well, I’m guessing voice notes should take a significant percentage in the number of messages sent daily.

Not only do voice notes help you pass a message easily, but it is also a fast way of passing messages to another user on WhatsApp. It saves you the time used in typing and making corrections while the recipient is just required to tap to hear the message.

Some circumstances might make the voice note sent to you not useful. For instance, imagine being in a noisy environment. You won’t be able to play the voice note simply because of the noisy background. This is where converting the voice message(s) into text would come in handy.

How to convert WhatsApp voice messages into text

  • Download Transcriber for WhatsApp from Google Playstore, install, and launch the app.
  • Select the preferred language you want to transcribe the voice messages into.
  • Open your WhatsApp app, go to the chat, tap, and hold the voice message sent to to convert whatsapp voice messages into text
  • Click on the share icon and select Transcriber from the drop-down menu that appears.
  • The app would open automatically and convert the voice note into text within seconds.

For the app to transcribe the voice note, you need a working internet connection. Also, the app doesn’t transcribe these voice notes into the correct written texts, but I can assure you that the written texts transcribed are at least 70% accurate.

That’s all guys about this tutorial. If you can’t transcribe any voice note to text on WhatsApp after going through this tutorial, feel free to watch our YouTube video to help you. Finally, if you’ve not joined my WhatsApp group chat, feel free to do so.

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