How to create a free USA number in Nigeria

by Johnson Daniel

I want to walk you through how to create a free USA here in Nigeria. Having a USA number is very beneficial to you as it has so many legal uses and illegal uses. Surely, we would focus on the legal uses of owning a USA number here in Nigeria. The steps that I’m going to walk you through works for both Android and iOS users.scrnli 8 29 2019 12 08 13 PM

How to create a free USA number in Nigeria

To get started, download textPlus: Free Text & Calls from Google Play or Apple App Store. I don’t believe that textPlus app is available to Nigerians on Google Play, this is why I have covered the tutorial on how to download apps not available in your country from Google Playstore on Android you can check out the tutorial. scrnli 8 29 2019 12 07 53 PM

As for iOS users, I also believe that the app isn’t available for you to download in your region. At the moment, I have not covered the tutorial but you can try to get the app on your device anyhow for now.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, sign up, select your region and code then you will get your USA number. You can call or text virtually anybody using the number via the app. I should tell you that using the app on WhatsApp is very difficult and impossible I should say for now. Anyways, you can still use this procedure to create a free USA number for yourself here in Nigeria.


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