How to create a personal chat assistant bot on WhatsApp

by Johnson Daniel

WhatsApp has few features available for both users and group owners (admins inclusive) to take advantage of, and when you try to compare what you can do on WhatsApp to Telegram, you get to find out that Telegram is a much better messenger to use because of the extra-added features it gives to users, group and channel owners.

WhatsApp can surely become interesting for you if you own a personal chat assistant bot that can help you perform numerous functionalities on the messaging app. Using this bot, you can get video searches from YouTube, download songs and get their lyrics; weather info, text-to-speech converter, format code snippets using carbon; convert Images, GIFs, videos to stickers, and a lot more.

Features of a WhatsApp personal chat assistant bot

  • Group Management: Easily perform various group management tasks like adding someone, removing, muting the chat for a specific time, tagging admins/all members, setting welcome, goodbye messages etc.
  • Command Interface: Access the Command Interface to learn more about any command. .help command name will give a detailed description along with a demo as well.
  • Media Conversation: Convert images, GIFs, videos to stickers using simple commands.
  • Share Formatted Code: Format code snippets using carbon and nekobin.
  • Search for Videos, Songs on YouTube: Get searches from YouTube using the .yt command. Download and get lyrics of your favourite songs using the .song command and .lyrics command respectively.
  • Additional Features: Also includes other features like text-to-speech, translate text, OCR, weather info .etc.

You have access to all of these features if you own a WhatsApp personal chat assistant bot. Using this article, I’ll be showing you how to create one of these chat assistant bots and make your WhatsApp more fun to use. Without wasting any more time, let’s get started.

How to create a WhatsApp personal chat assistant bot

  • Get two devices or PC and a smartphone (Android or iPhone) then go to with the PC or device, click ‘Deploy to Heroku’BotsApp - Deploy to Heroku
  • Sign up for a Heroku account if you don’t have one, log into your account after creating an account or if you’ve got an existing Heroku account.
  • You should be taken to your BotsApp dashboard, open the hamburger menu and select ‘Deploy BotsApp’
  • Open WhatsApp using the smartphone logged into your WhatsApp account > tap More options > Linked Devices. Scan the QR code displayed on your BotsApp account, if you get a success message, wait for 1 – 3 minutes for the personal chat assistant bot to get activated on your WhatsApp account (Ensure that you don’t use WhatsApp Beta to do carry out this process).Deploy BotsApp

You would receive a WhatsApp message from a number (probably your WhatsApp number) telling you that BotsApp has been successfully integrated. If you don’t get any message like that, it means the bot wasn’t successfully created.97bb6c83 538b 45fb b0af 078ba6015f2d

For those of you who prefer video tutorials to written texts, here is a video tutorial on how to create a personal chat assistant bot on WhatsApp:

Here is a list of commands you can apply to use the bot effectively:

  • .abl: To blacklist a person or chat from using the bot
  • .add: To add a person to a group
  • .admins: Tag admins
  • .block: Block contact
  • .carbon: Convert text/code to a carbon image
  • .cpp: Execute C++ code and directly get output to WhatsApp
  • .create: Create a new group with the person who replied to
  • .dqr: Decode QR code
  • .demote: Demote a person from the admin
  • .disappear: Toggle disappearing messages
  • .getdp: Get display picture
  • .github: Github Profile
  • .goodbye: A goodbye message for group chat whenever someone leaves
  • .help: Get the command list info on modules
  • .alive: Check if the bot is online
  • .invite: To create a group invite link
  • .lyrics: To find lyrics of songs
  • .meaning: To find the meaning of a word in the dictionary
  • .mute: Mute group chat for a specified time
  • .ocr: Optical Character Recognition
  • .promote: Promote a member to admin
  • .qr: Convert a text/image to a QR code
  • .rbl: To enable a blacklist person or group to use the bot
  • .remove: To remove a person from a group
  • .rename: To rename a pdf or text document
  • .setdp: Change the group icon
  • .song: Download songs
  • .sticker: To convert image to sticker
  • .stoi: To convert sticker to image
  • .tagall: To tag everyone in a group
  • .tr: Language translator
  • .tts: Text to Speech
  • .unblock: Unblock contact
  • .unmute: Unmute group chat
  • .ud: Urban Dictionary
  • .weather: Get weather data of a city
  • .welcome: Welcome new members to the group with a custom message
  • .yt: Get recommendations and links from YouTube

These are commands for the bots, you can understand how to use them properly by sending ‘.help <command>’ to your bot. If you still don’t understand how to do this, watch this video below:

I hope you were able to get your very own WhatsApp personal chat assistant bot, if not, feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll assist you with getting one. If the reverse is the case, kindly share this article with your friends using any of the social share buttons below.

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TRIMO December 28, 2021 - 11:55 am

I’m hooked on the scanning part what do I scan is it the QR code on the bots app or I’m confused

Johnson Daniel December 28, 2021 - 4:11 pm

Get two devices or PC and a smartphone (Android or iPhone) then go to with the PC or device,


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