How to create a Telegram theme under two minutes

by Johnson Daniel

There are so many things that one could do on Telegram as the list of how-tos on Telegram is very long as one activity on the list is creating a Telegram theme for yourself. Creating a Telegram theme for yourself would go a long way for you if you’re the type that’s used to changing background pictures often.

To add to the list of Telegram tutorials already covered on this blog and on our YouTube channel, I want to show you how you can create a Telegram theme for yourself under two minutes if not even shorter. Things you should know about creating a Telegram theme is that the theme created works only on Android devices, the theme works for life and it doesn’t take much time to create a Telegram theme. So, let’s get on with the tutorial on how to do that.

How to create a Telegram theme

  • Launch your Telegram app and search for @createAtthemeBot or click here to go directly to the bot.
  • Tap the START button since you’re a first-time user on the bot and wait for the bot to send you this message, “Hi [Your Username]! Send me a photo.”
  • Send the desired picture you would like to use as the background picture. Note that this picture will also act as a source to which the theme’s picture(s) would be generated.
  • Immediately you send the picture to the bot, it would ask you to choose three colours to use for the theme. Choose the three that suits your taste by tapping any of the three numbers provided for you by the bot.
  • After finish doing that, the bot would ask you what type of theme file you need, select attheme. The bot should send you the file, download it and apply the theme to your Telegram app.photo5920280756322677184

That’s how you have successfully created your very own Telegram theme. If you ever feel tired of the theme, you can quickly create another one using the procedure listed above.

That’s that for that, if you have any tutorial you would love for us to cover for Telegram, feel free to drop a request in the comment box below and we’ll try our possible best to create a video or text tutorial for you. Don’t forget to join us on Telegram and never miss out on all the fun that Telegram has to offer and lastly, don’t forget to share this tutorial with your friends as we should all know, sharing is caring!

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