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WhatsApp TV, also known as WhatsApp Television, is a branded account that seeks to entertain, inform, educate, etc. people on WhatsApp via the status feature.

We all know about the WhatsApp status feature and how we view what our contacts posts on their WhatsApp status, which comes in main photos or video formats. That’s how WhatsApp TV’s are/is. They(WhatsApp TV) seek to keep you tuned, or should I use the word less bored when you’re on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp TV has become popular in the eyes of many these days, and people are doing excellently well with their TVs as they seem to have gotten the right information on owning and building a successful WhatsApp TV. If you wish to join the pack, I believe that after reading this article on how to create a WhatsApp TV, you should be good to go.

If you are reading this, I would love to let you know that I once owned a WhatsApp TV during the summer (2019) called “Qualy TV,” not to brag, but I’m a little bit confident that you should have heard of the name some time ago. It took me just two weeks to start making little cash from it, but boy, I must tell you, running a WhatsApp TV is not as easy as you think it can be.

Note: The TV I created called ‘Qualy TV’ is no longer in existence as it has been shut down due to some personal reasons best known to me.

At the time when people started creating WhatsApp TVs, the main contents that people behind the TV posted were mainly entertainment videos, funny videos, savages, memes, and everything that has to do with keeping the viewer entertained.

Along the line, many individuals diversified and went into news-sharing and the likes. While some WhatsApp TVs wanted popularity so quickly, they went on to post pornography videos and pictures, which is not ideal in our world today. Still, many seem to like them more, I believe I should hold my peace there and move on to the next stage, and that is how to create a WhatsApp TV.

How to create a WhatsApp TV

To open a WhatsApp TV, you will need a set of things. Here they are;

  1. An Android or iOS device.
  2. A name for the TV.
  3. A logo.
  4. WhatsApp Business – Download for AndroidDownload for iOS
  5. InShot app or any photo & video editing app that you can find.

If you have all of those things mentioned above listed above, then you are good to go. If you don’t have a logo, chill, we will sort that out at the end of the article, so let’s carry on with the tutorial on how to create a WhatsApp TV.

  • Launch the WhatsApp Business app you downloaded.
  • Type in the phone number that you want to use for the WhatsApp TV and verify it.
  • The next stage would require you to select a name and a picture for the account, it is advisable to put your WhatsApp TV’s standing there and the logo as the picture, then click next.
  • After all of this, you should have created your WhatsApp TV.

How to make money from WhatsApp TV

Now that you’ve successfully created your TV, what should be in your mind at the moment is how to grow and make money from it. It’s always very possible to make money from a WhatsApp TV. However, it would help if you built the audience of your WhatsApp TV before having that in mind.

Here’s the rule, the more viewers (contacts) that you can get on your WhatsApp TV, the more money that you can make in the long run. The default way through which you can make money from your TV when you’ve got a reasonable amount of viewers (contacts) is by advertising other people’s products(s) on your status and charging them for that.

So with this, advertising for people is one way to make money from WhatsApp TV. Another proven approach that works is affiliate marketing. What is ‘affiliate marketing?’ One of the best definitions of affiliate marketing comes from Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income:

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.

So if you join news paying sites or download apps or have any product that would give you profit for each person you refer to join the platform or for each sale you make, tell your users about these products and get a massive commission from it.

For this reason, you need to have as many viewers as you can gather as it would help you achieve many things and make the money you’ve been yearning for from your WhatsApp TV. You can hold a referral contest to get as many contacts as you can gather. For more information on how to conduct a referral contest for a WhatsApp TV successfully, kindly click here to learn how to.

How to create a TV link

Getting your WhatsApp TV link is very vital as it helps you get more viewers to join your TV with ease. To learn how to create a TV link, read this article.

How to grow your TV

I won’t call this a bonus tip, but it will help you to get started on how to get more views on your WhatsApp TV. It is highly advisable to start telling people about your TV, and I advise you also to don’t forget to place a watermark on your contents.

You can even go the extra mile by running adverts for your blog. The real truth is that if you don’t plan to spend on your WhatsApp TV, you might not get as far as you want in a short period. If you would like to run adverts for your WhatsApp TV on this blog, you can quickly go to our advert placement page to see how to get started.

Getting content is easy. I see many people waste their data by going on Instagram to get their content. If you don’t have enough data, don’t spend your time going there, Twitter is the place you should go to for materials. From the tweet savages to the funny videos and all that, you can download a Twitter downloader app that downloads videos from Twitter. We all know that we can save images from the twitter app directly. Facebook is also the right place you can get content.

I hope that you were able to create WhatsApp TV. If you encounter any problem in doing so, do not hesitate to drop a comment below.

By Johnson Daniel

I'm a blog artist by the mind and a passionate blogger by heart ❤️ who loves to explore the latest in tech news, reviews, and tutorials.

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      1. So with the good processor and ram . One doesn’t have to tell the contacts to restrict me from their status?

  1. Thanks for this piece, the major problem I have with my Tv is getting more views. I dont know how I can achieve thousands like I see others, I’m just getting to a hundred after 3 weeks.

    1. 100 views in 3 weeks is not bad at all, what I can tell you is that you can tell your viewers to tell their friends about your TV or you can do a referral contest. Just remember that ‘patience is key!’

  2. Please I want to know what really brings the money,it is people viewing your status or running advert for people or being an affiliate.pls someone should teach me how to monetize my WhatsApp TV

  3. Please how can I place a running advert on my TV to start generating income,what are the process involved

  4. Please, how does running adverts pay you?
    Is it that I will charge the pple I am advertising for? Or, it is WhatsApp that’s going to pay me? Please, who does the payment?

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  6. 1. How do we source for Advertisers and
    2. How much should someone who gets an average of 1000views per post charge (don’t stress it; how much will you charge)?

  7. I started my WhatsApp tv February I have overseen 700+ views in just 1month n few days….my issue is that my phone is beginning to hang bcoz of status please how can I reduce the Trafficking

    1. I don’t really understand the fact why you need to reduce the traffic you’re seeing on your TV, it’s every WhatsApp TV owner’s dream to have lots of traffic. The only thing that I can advise you to do is to upgrade your phone to a better one that can handle the traffic

  8. Can you use the same phone you run your normal whatsapp to run your WhatsApp business using different numbers???

    1. You’re not putting your bank details anywhere just yet. You’re the owner of the TV now, grow your audience and start advertising on your status. That’s how you get to make cash from the TV

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  11. Hello Sir i just started my WhatsApp TV in less than 2 weeks and I have over 150 views but I need more views and my plans is to take my WhatsApp TV to another standard in the sense that I can have lots of viewers abroad
    I need help on how and where I can hype my TV to make people abroad to join the TV and how to hype my TV to interest or move them to join…

  12. A friend advised me to start WhatsApp TV, google searched it and your article is the first thing I saw, so helpful.
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    Please help me.
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  21. Doesn’t a sim card have a storage limit of like 500 or so.. how do people then get upto 1000+ contacts on their phone?

  22. This has really been helpful.
    I have my own WhatsApp Tv called ARIEL TV MEDIA
    It’s an Amazing Tv where we entertain you, do giveaways, fastest fingers, Cryptocurrency giveaways.
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