How to create animated WhatsApp stickers

by Johnson Daniel

We are all familiar with how stickers have paved the way as the new means to communicate on WhatsApp. We could all remember when sending messages on WhatsApp was limited to only text and images. Since then, a lot has evolved and now, sending messages through stickers has been the wave for a long time now.

Stickers have been available for use on WhatsApp since 2018, and since the time it was introduced, we’ve seen countless stickers flying around. We can’t deny the fact that stickers make our chats be of more fun since these stickers are more of a variety of weird, wonderful, and cute images.

Most of the stickers you use today on WhatsApp were not created by WhatsApp developers, they were created by people like you, and in this article, we’ll be seeing how to create animated WhatsApp stickers.

Animated stickers are of those type that plays just once in the chat and doesn’t loop indefinitely. If you want to trigger their animation, users will have to scroll up and down to play it. However, by default, the animated sticker plays once and stops on its own.

How to create animated WhatsApp stickers

  • Download and install GIF2Sticker from Google Playstore.
  • Launch the app and tap the icon with a ‘+’ sign at the bottom right corner.
  • Fill in the name you would like to give to the pack and the author’s name (You can choose to leave the author’s name at default, your choice). Tap OK to save.
  • A new page would come up with lots of boxes, select any box by tapping on it. Your phone’s media would appear, select the video you want to convert to a sticker, and tap OK to save.
  • Wait for some seconds for the video to convert to a sticker then hit SAVE for the app to create the sticker. As soon as you’re done with this, tap ADD TO WHATSAPP to include the sticker pack in your sticker pack list.

After doing all of this, you should see that pack along with the sticker in it on your WhatsApp sticker list. You can add as many stickers as you want. All you need to do from your end is to repeat the procedures outlined above.

Finally, every video you use to create a sticker can only be 8 seconds long or less, you shouldn’t expect to get anything more than 8 seconds.

That would be all from my end. I hope you found this tutorial very helpful, if yes, ensure you share it with your friends who also want to own a sticker pack. If you are finding it difficult with creating an animated WhatsApp sticker using the steps outlined in this article, feel free to let me know using the comment section.

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