How to create short links & hold referral contest on a WhatsApp TV

by Johnson Daniel

There are a few things to get to learn about when it comes to running a successful WhatsApp TV. With all joy in my heart, I’m very glad that many individuals have been able to create/start up their very own WhatsApp TV with the help of the article on how to do just that here on this blog.

Creating the TV was one thing and one question I’ve been receiving for long now from these WhatsApp TV owners is how can they hold a successful referral contest for their WhatsApp TV and other things related to that.

Well, holding a successful referral contest is stressful but easy as well. I won’t try to digress from the focus of the topic one bit and tell you that the WhatsApp short links feature plays a very vital role with the referral contest you plan to hold. Before you can learn how to get started with a referral contest for your TV, you need to learn how to create short links for your TV. Let’s learn that first.

How to create a short link(s) for a WhatsApp TV

You should already have your WhatsApp Business app installed and a phone number registered with it. For those of you who still don’t have yours, download from your App store.

  • Launch the WA Business app and tap on this icon as shown in the screenshot below.photo6007935867693413140
  • From the list of options that comes up, tap Settings.photo6007935867693413141
  • Tap Business settings > tap Short link to view the auto-generated link to your WA Business account or WhatsApp TV.

This is how to create short links on WhatsApp, now to hold a referral contest, you would just need to customize the link, this is also easy to do.

On the short link page, you should see a button which has been toggled off. This button gives you the option to customise your short link and with this knowledge, you can use it to your own advantage to hold a referral contest.

To hold a referral contest, write about it on your WhatsApp status allowing your users to get notified about the contest and ask them to send their names or signify if they’re interested in participating in the referral contest. Immediately you get their name(s), you can head on to the short link section, toggle on the default message option and edit the default message as seen in the screenshot below.

As soon as you finish writing the default message, ensure that you copy down the link above then send to the person whose name you used in the default message. photo6007935867693413137The same thing goes for every other person that wants to participate in the contest. Once someone the person/people participating in the referral contest share the link you gave to them, anyone joining your TV with the link you gave out would let you know if this person was referred by one of your members. Just in case you still don’t understand the whole thing, I’ve got a video tutorial for you so that you can easily understand. Kindly see the video below.


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