How to delete or close a PayPal account

by Johnson Daniel
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Closing a PayPal account is stress-free, it doesn’t take much to do so and it can be done in a couple of minutes. There is a handful of reasons why PayPal users choose to delete PayPal accounts. While it may seem like the right idea to delete your account, please note that there is no cost attached to keep it opened. Some users may choose to close down their PayPal account because:

  • They will not be using the account in the future. For instance, they may have switched to the Stripe Payment Gateway or found a cheaper alternative.
  • Their account has been compromised and they wish to close it down for safety reasons.
  • They will be opening an account with a different email address.
  • They had an account for a business that is no longer trading.

Whichever reason it may be, you will be able to shut down your PayPal account after this article. Be mindful of the fact that we have also covered the tutorial on how to create a Lesotho PayPal account that can send and receive money in Nigeria, you can check that out if you don’t know how to.

Also, note the fact that deactivating a PayPal account does not mean that you have closed it, they are two different things entirely. Deactivate often means an account can be reactivated if needed (such as a Facebook account). This is not the case with PayPal. Once an account has been deleted, it is permanently closed.

Once a PayPal account has been closed, it cannot be reopened. Meaning all the transaction history is lost. It is important to screenshot or print out your transaction history if you will need it at a later date.

How to delete or close a PayPal account

There are two types of account that you can create on PayPal. A Personal or a Business account. We are going to cover the procedures on how to close both a Personal and Business PayPal account.

How to close a Personal PayPal account

  • Log in to your PayPal account.
  • Click on the Settings menu next to Log Out.
  • Under the Account Options section, click the Close your account button.
  • If requested, enter your bank details.
  • Click the Close Account button.

Closing Down a Business PayPal Account

  • Log in to your PayPal account.
  • Click on the Profile button next to Log Out.
  • Click on the Profile and Settings button.
  • Click on Account Settings.
  • At the top of the Account Settings page, you will see a Close Account button next to Account type.
  • Click the Close account button to delete your PayPal account.

Once a PayPal account has been closed down you will not be able to access it. Your history and rapport with PayPal will also be lost. You can create a new PayPal (often using the same email address) although you will not be able to view the transaction history of the previous account.

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