How to earn at least 110 Handy token ($7.21) from HandyPick game

by Johnson Daniel

Crypto has taken the world by storm as we are in a time where everyone wants to have something to do with crypto, we all know the reason why and that is to make money for ourselves too.

Generally, crypto has to do with trading which most if not all of you reading this know. This trading requires you to have a certain amount of capital to start up, on the other hand, you can get coins for free (most times) through crypto airdrops. What we are going to look at today is not a crypto airdrop but it plays almost the same role as the airdrop.

For those of you still wondering what a crypto airdrop is, here’s a little definition to help you understand. Crypto airdrop(s) involves delivering bitcoins or tokens to the wallets of current cryptocurrency traders, either for free or in exchange for a small promotional service.

In this article, we are going to be looking at how we can get and accumulate Handy tokens for free. 1 Handy is currently priced at $0.07211 (source) and I’ll be showing you how to get at least 100 of them meaning that you get as little as $7 in your pocket to start up all for free.

How to earn free Handy tokens

You can earn these free Handy tokens from an app called HandyPick. HandyPick rewards you when you play prediction games. The games are easy to play and not time-consuming, just predict, if your predictions are correct, you get rewarded with free Handy tokens.

How to get started

  • Download the HandyPick app from here.
  • Launch the app and sign up using any of the available options to get a free 100 Handy.How to earn at least 110 Handy token ($7.21) from HandyPick game
  • Verify your phone number.
  • When the referral message pops up, you can use this as your referral code – 63ESFK to earn an extra 10 Handy.

After that step, you should have an account on the app. The next thing to do is to go and predict games. Prediction is free of charge so if you lose, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

Using the referral code is not compulsory, it’s only meant to help you earn a little extra Handy. The minimum withdrawal is 1000 Handy, you can accumulate more Handy tokens by either playing the games or inviting friends.

Before I forget, Handy is currently trading on Hotbit so if you want to withdraw from the app, you can get your wallet address from Hotbit. Withdrawals can be made twice a month.

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