How to earn at least N500 with Nigeria Order

by Johnson Daniel

Nigeria Order is an online shopping platform that rewards its members for completing shopping tasks on its platform. We’ve seen platforms like Z-Union, MyBonus, and Lotte NGA operated in this manner. Some individuals gained from these platforms while some lost; however, we are not here to dwell on the gains and losses. We’re here to learn more about Nigeria Order and see if we can make money from it.

Before we continue, I’d like to point out that if you wish to join this platform, you are doing it on your own accord, and we would not be held responsible if you incur losses from this. This article seems to be more of a review than a means to persuade you to join the program.

How does Nigeria Order work?

As a customer, you recharge your account with a specific amount and get entitled to place 20 orders daily, and you get to earn a certain percentage on orders placed. Your profit from grabbing orders depends on your balance. The higher the balance, the higher the profit.

Each user can grab 20 orders per day as the profit depends on the order of the day. There are four packages available to every subscriber, with each having its specific percentage reward. The packages on are:

  1. VIP 1: Minimum amount is N500 having 6% daily commission.
  2. VIP 2: Minimum amount is N5,000 having 6.4% daily commission.
  3. VIP 3: Minimum amount is N30,000 having 7% daily commission.
  4. VIP 4: Minimum amount is N100,000 having 7.2% daily commission.

One advantage of joining Nigeria Order is that you receive N500 cash in your account after signing up. You can use it to place orders daily. You cannot withdraw the money as the minimum withdrawal is N2,000.photo6010593851154215911

How to join Nigeria Order

Click here to go to the registration page. As soon as you’re done with registration, locate the app download link by clicking on ‘My’ and download the app for easy access.

Once you have logged in, at the bottom, you’ll see options, click on “My,” Click on “My bank card,” and fill. Under that same “My,” click on “Shipping Address” and fill it. Click on “Password management” and fill it also.

As expected, you should see N500 in your account. They’re giving this out for free. Who knows how long, but you need to recharge to earn more. You can restore by Click on “Home,” Click on “Recharge,” Enter the amount you want to recharge, then choose the method of payment, but a card is advisable since it is more secure.

You can earn more by inviting your friends to join Nigeria Order. The Nigeria Order referral program can help you make more on the platform. You don’t even need to recharge your account. You can get a lot of team commissions by invitation. The team agent is divided into three levels:

  • The user who registered with your invitation code is your level 1 agent.
  • The user who registered with your level 1 agent invitation code is your level 2 agent.
  • The user who registered with your level 2 agent invitation code is your level 3 agent.

How to withdraw

You can withdraw your funds by going to the homepage, click on ‘Withdraw,’ fill in the details such as withdrawal pin and account details before finally entering the amount you wish to withdraw there. Withdrawal time is Monday to Friday between 10 AM – 6 PM, with the minimum withdrawal being N2,000.

If you have any questions about this platform, feel free to drop them in the comment box just below this article.

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Leo April 29, 2021 - 6:55 am

Can I withdraw everyday as long as my balance is above 2000?

Johnson Daniel April 29, 2021 - 8:35 pm



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