How to earn free airtime with Geopoll app

by Johnson Daniel

It’s still very much possible to get free airtime on any of your SIM cards this period if you’re still thinking that all hope of getting that is lost, you might be wrong. There’s this app called Geopoll, it rewards you for completing simple tasks and surveys that guide important decisions for the largest organizations in the world.

Unfortunately, Geopoll only rewards its users with free airtime however, there are not numerous ways to earn the airtime from the app as these means are limited to only 5 ways for now and that is;

  1. Surveys.
  2. Photography.
  3. Price Checker Errands.
  4. Test and Review Mobile Applications.
  5. Invite a friend.

You need to get to a minimum threshold of N150 before you can cash out your airtime, but before you can think of getting up to this amount, you need to first sign up on the app. The good thing for us is that not only Android users get to enjoy this particular treat, iOS users too can get this free airtime from Geopoll.photo5967289834802360906

How to get started with Geopoll app

  • Download Geopoll app from Google Playstore here or Apple Store here
  • After installation is complete, launch the app and click Registerphoto5967289834802360905
  • On the next page, you would be asked to register using a phone number. Now get this, the phone number used to register is the only number that can receive the airtime so if you own multiple numbers, you should know the one to use for this. Type in your number and tap the Register button.photo5967289834802360904
  • A new page should come up, this is where you would be required to provide some personal details about yourself like your Date of Birth, Gender password to access your account. Fill in this information, check the box that says ‘were you referred by a friend?’ and type in this code > T8O9JYE then check the last box to accept terms and conditions and finally tap the Next button to proceed.photo5967289834802360903
  • Immediately you tapped the Register button in step two, you would receive a confirmation code from Geopoll via SMS and this last process would require that code for you to complete your Geopoll application process. Simply check your SMS inbox for any code, if you don’t see a code, kindly wait for some seconds or minutes to get it and after you do, enter the confirmation code in the empty box and tap Complete Registration. If the code is correct, you should be logged in automatically.

Immediately you log in, Geopoll might already have a survey down for you, this depends on the situation on the ground. To access the survey, tap Survey and on the new page, you should see a survey with the amount you can earn from it, simply tap it, complete the survey and if answered correctly, you would get credited with the proposed amount set to be given to you before the started of the survey.

How to increase Geopoll earnings by 70%

At the beginning of this article, I disclosed to you 5 ways to earn from Geopoll, the survey is the main method but surveys might not come as often as promised, this is where you would need to rely on your wits and try earning more. One way I would recommend for you to give a trial is the referral method.

Upon sign up, you would be assigned a unique invite code with which you can share with individuals, most especially friends and family members and you get to earn N19.1 airtime for every referral that successfully downloads Geopoll and completes registration using your code. To get your referral code, simply tap on the Invite a Friend button on the main page to get your invitation code.

How to accumulate airtime

Now I know it’s not right but if you want to accumulate, you can simply get as many SIM cards as you can get your hands on, register those SIM cards on Geopoll using your unique referral code and see your airtime accumulate.

Last words

Geopoll doesn’t promise to give you airtime on a daily or weekly basis, it justs hopes to reward you for completing simple tasks and surveys that guide important decisions for the largest organizations in the world. So have that in mind.

I hope you found this article helpful, if you have any contribution or question to ask, feel free to use the comment section below, in the meantime, I would like to introduce you an app that earned me $20 in less than two weeks for doing almost nothing. Click here to see the app.

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