How To Earn More Than 150$ Per Month Using Google Admob With Android Application 100%

by Qualytech

Do you want to learn how to click on Admob ads without getting caught? Do you want to know the clicking trick that works? Do you need an AdMob app? If yes, continue reading. 

With Google Admob, you can EARN up to $300 monthly by simply clicking on different advert on your application daily.

This article will guide through the whole process; from creating an Admob account to earning by self-clicking your ads. 

What is AdMob?

Before going into a big discussion on how to earn from AdMob Self clicking, we must know what AdMob is all about, who owns it and how it works.

Brief History of AdMob

AdMob is a mobile advertising company founded and incorporated by Omar Hamoui on April 10, 2006, when he was still in school. The company has its headquarter in Mountain View California. It was acquired by Google for $750 million in November 2009.

AdMob is currently being managed and run by Google Inc and it is now used together with Adsense.

How will I earn from google Admob

Once you sign up successfully on Google Admob, create your App and synchronize the codes Google sent to you with your App, Google will start serving Ads to your App.

How much do I get to earn per click?

The amount you earn per click depends on the Ads and Country. Some Ads give as high as $1+ while some give $1.5.

The way we will configure your App, your earning will be from $1+ to $2+ per click which you can give 5-8 click per day which is 150$ and above per month as started.

When and how will Google pay me?

(you can withdraw) on the 21st of the month. They pay all their App owners on the 21st of the month.

Nigerians are only paid through bank wire. So you will be paid directly to your Local bank account GTBank, First Bank, Uba etc irrespective of your country. Although, some countries have other means of payment but Nigeria is paid through bank wire.

What are the uses of this App?

The App does not do any other thing apart from displaying Google Ad, which these ads will generate your earning.

What is the least advisable amount to earn per day and month for a newbie account?

At least, say $5/day and $150 to $250/month

 Remember, you are pretending that your App does not have many users yet.

What type of App will be created

Apk Format App. Only for Android phones. Whose only duty will be to view and self click Ads

How to Get Admob App for Self Clicking

You have to create Google AdMob Account, you simply learn how to create Google AdMob Account here or join our Whatsapp group below.

After creating your AdMob Account, you need to purchase AdMob App to link your AdMob account to start earning this App is guarantee you minimum of 2$ per click and full tutorial will be given to you immediately you purchased this App, there is also premium group for those that purchased this App for us to be guiding them there for not having any problem.


The Cost of this App is N5,000 only ($20).

With high CPC, you can earn $8 with just 2-3 clicks 100% guarantee

Free gift for those get this App

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How to Order “Google Admob Self Click App”

Contact me on Whatsapp at +2347054070104 


Join Our Admob Free WhatsApp Group below full presentation will be holding there every day and latest payment proof will be posting there direct from our members


Your success or failure in this platform sorely depends on you. This is not a networking business, Ponzi or get rich quick scheme. Please let’s not be greedy… Do your own research and apply wisdom. Thank you.

Kindly click here to see steps by steps how to create google Admob Account…. and see more payment proof there

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