No matter what our carrier network provides for we Nigerians we always want more slice out of the cake. Airtel has taken one great step into ensuring that you get more out of every recharge amount you make.

We know recently that Airtel has been making headlines with the free 1GB data that they’ve been dishing out to their subscribers recently, in case you’ve not activated yours, click here to do so. Not only have they been giving out 1GB data for free, but they’ve also been rewarding their subscribers with 3GB data for free of charge, check out this article; How to get 3GB free data on Airtel to activate yours.

In this article, I’m going to brief you on how you can enjoy 20% extra recharge bonus on your Airtel SIM card, this works for prepaid customers only and it has been on for some time now just that not many Airtel users know about it only a few.

Just in case you don’t understand what the 20% extra recharge bonus means, I’ll break it down for you. With this 20% extra recharge offer, when you make a recharge of N100 on your Airtel SIM card, you’ll get N120 instead of the N100. For N200, you will get N240 instead of the N200 and so on like that. It works for any recharge denomination available on the Airtel network. Now the burning question, how to enjoy the 20% extra recharge bonus on Airtel.photo5805653778614039430

How to enjoy 20% extra recharge bonus on Airtel

You will need to download My Airtel app for this to work, download it from here. Log in to My Airtel app using your Airtel phone number, please ensure that the Airtel phone number is inserted into the device you’re using to log in to the app. This is because the app auto-verifies the OTP by itself just to save you from the stress of typing the OTP code by yourself.

After you’ve logged in to the Airtel app, recharge your Airtel line from the app with any amount of your choice, wait to receive a confirmation message from the app telling you that your recharge has been successful and you will get 20% extra bonus of the amount you recharge.

To summarize everything, just recharge your Airtel SIM card using My Airtel app and you will enjoy 20% extra recharge bonus from Airtel.


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