How to get 10GB free data from MTN

by Johnson Daniel

Many would agree that receiving 10GB free data on your SIM right now will be a huge blessing and not in disguise. Ordinarily, getting 10GB free data on your SIM card might require you to use VPN apps or trick an app or the network provider to get that but there’s a more relaxing way to get 10GB free data on your SIM card but it is only for MTN subscribers.

MTN is willing to give every subscriber who upgrades their MTN SIM card from 3G to 4G 10GB free data to use for all internet activities. In addition to this package, the subscriber would also enjoy 100% data bonus on every data plan purchased for the next 3 months. Upgrading your MTN SIM card to 4G is totally free so why wait?EXvSig5XkAAR167

How to upgrade your MTN SIM card to 4G and enjoy 10GB free data

Kindly visit any MTN service centre nearby carrying along with you your phone number, SIM card, SIM pack or a sworn High Court affidavit as a proof of ownership. The court affidavit is necessary only when the serial number on the SIM pack is no longer visible (You can simply dial ∗123∗7∗1# to locate the nearest MTN service centre if you have challenges locating one).

You will be attended to and given a new SIM pack and once you’ve finished upgrading the MTN SIM card, insert the SIM card into a 4G-enabled device and send ‘4G’  to ‘131′. Wait for some seconds to receive your 10GB data.

The 10GB data can only be used on 4G-enabled devices meaning that if you put the SIM card in a device which does not support 4G network, you can’t use the data. Also, the 100% data bonus can be used on any network be it 2G, 3G or 4G and you can check your data balance by dialling ∗131∗4# or sending ‘2’ to ‘131’.

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