How to get 1GB data for N100 on Airtel night plan

by Johnson Daniel
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Airtel Nigeria has numerous data plans that leave any individual on the network enthralling, they are quite known for their ability to offer a user cheap data plans most especially their night plans.

If you are an MTN subscriber or any telco subscriber asides Airtel, you might want to port to the Airtel network after this article because this seems like the best night plan of the year.

Little do you know that with N100, you can get as little as 1GB data to download and stream online in the night from 12 AM – 5 AM on the Airtel network. In addition to this, you can subscribe to Airtel’s night plan as much as five times per night, so you can have enough data to download kinds of stuff that night. Let’s quickly delve into the steps that any Airtel subscriber can take to purchase 1GB data for N100.

How to get 1GB data for N100 on Airtel night plan

Pick up your Airtel SIM card and dial *312# then reply with the number 1. This should migrate you to the Airtel SmartTRYBE plan, now that you are on the SmartTRYBE plan, recharge your SIM card with at least N100 airtime or ensure that you have at least N100 worth of airtime on your Airtel SIM card.Airtel SmartTrybe Get 1GB for N100 5GB for N500 night plan

Dial *312# and select Trybe Night Browsing. You will see 250MB for N25, purchase the plan. Using our clear logic, we have to purchase the plan 4 times, making it N25 × 4, this will give us N100. We should also not forget that 250MB × 4 is equal to 1000MB which is equivalent to 1GB, in as much as 1GB in real scenarios sum up to 1024MB but 24MB data is still something to let go of.

You can decide to take things up a notch a little bit by purchasing the data plan five times and getting to use up to 1.25GB data that night, it all depends on you and what you want to download. Well, in all honesty, I hope that you enjoy this particular night data plan because you are going to need it that is if you are a heavy internet user.

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