How to get 1GB for N200 on 9mobile

by Johnson Daniel

When it comes to the best data plans, I consider this 9mobile 1GB for N200 the best of them all. It’s a personal preference but really worth it. This 9mobile Special plan as it is originally called is a plan that allows only a few 9mobile subscribers to get 1GB data for N200 instead of N1000.

Many people have asked me this question, “What data plan do you use?” I just laugh and tell them to check out this blog for cheap data plans, and actually I use this data plan alongside this MTN data plan, however, this 9mobile special data plan is my best plan of them all.

Not all 9mobile subscribers are currently eligible to purchase the 1GB data for N200 on the network. So to find out if you’re eligible, pick up your 9mobile SIM card, ensure that there is no airtime in it or have nothing more than N199 airtime on your SIM card then dial 92910#. 

If you receive an SMS message that says that you have insufficient airtime to purchase this data, know that you’re eligible. If you get any message that is different from that, know that you are not eligible. Let’s assume that you’re eligible, recharge N200 airtime on your 9mobile SIM card or make sure you have at least N200 on your 9mobile SIM card and dial ∗929∗10#. You should activate the 1GB data for N200 on 9mobile valid for 3 days. Rollover does not apply.

You can accumulate the data by purchasing 2GB for N400, 3GB for N600, 4GB for N800, 5GB for N1000 up till any amount that you can afford. You can even accumulate 50GB for N1000 using this plan, isn’t that cool. This 9mobile plan is a lifesaver, so what are you waiting for to try it out.

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abdullahi maali alfa August 27, 2019 - 3:13 am

I’m interested keep on


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