How to get 2GB data for free on MTN

by Johnson Daniel

There’s almost nothing better than getting free data as a Nigerian and ever since the new VAT increment, there’s obviously no one that won’t kill to have the means to get free data on his/her to browse and download as they like.

We’ve been working as hard as possible to provide our viewers with the best subscription plans on all networks and there are surely some that you should be enjoying now most especially the infamous 9mobile 1GB for N200 special data plan. Unfortunately, this plan is not eligible for all 9mobile users but this does not mean that you can’t be eligible for the plan. If you want to find out how you can be available to use the 1GB data plan on your SIM card, read this article.

Not being a 9mobile user has its disadvantages but kindly remember that whatever has a disadvantage has an advantage. The same 1GB for N200 data plan is also available for MTN users to use, it’s not InstaBinge bundle where you can only use the data for Instagram, the plan can be used to browse and download things.

It’s been clearly proven that cheap data is good, free data is better! You can still get free 2GB data from MTN without literally breaking a sweat with the use of MyMTN app. If you are an ardent reader of this blog, I’m sure that you know about the MyMTN app, you can get free 500MB data when you download and login the app with an MTN number that has not been used before on the app. Well, we are not here to see how we can get 500MB but how to get 2GB data from MTN and MyMTN app plays a big role in getting the data.

How to get 2GB data for free on MTN

For the new users, download MyMTN app from PlayStore but if you already have the app on your device, just launch the app.myMTN app referral program.png

  • Sign up on the app using your MTN number (make sure it’s in a phone for you to have access to the OTP code which will be sent to confirm if it’s you)
  • Once verified, Scroll down to MTN Refer and Earn.
  • Choose contacts that you want to refer. When you invite 10 people to the app, you will be given 2GB data.

If the MTN numbers you choose has been used to log in the MyMTN app before, you won’t get credit for bringing them to use the MyMTN app.

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