How to get 650MB for N200 on 9mobile MoreBlaze daily plan

by Johnson Daniel

Not everyone will be enjoying the SocialPak cheat on 9mobile via Stark VPN Reloaded app at the moment but not to worry, there is a good alternative for those of you who either cannot use the 9mobile cheat or subscribe to the 1GB for N200 special data plan on the network.

Being able to get 650MB for N200 on the 9mobile network is a fair deal if you ask me and not many people offer that kind of data deal, forget the fact that you can buy 1GB data for N200 on Airtel, 9mobile or MTN network, they are all based on eligibility but not for this new deal from 9mobile.

How to get 650MB for N200 on 9mobile MoreBlaze daily plan

  • Pick up your 9mobile SIM card and ensure that you have at least N200 on the account balance.
  • Dial ∗229∗3∗2# and select either 1 for auto-renewable plan or 2 for one-off plan depending on the one that you are going for.1F78E1FA 4279 4A7A 8270 E5D3372058F7

To check your data balance, dial *228# and as for the validity of the data plan, we currently don’t have that but a day should be enough for you to make use of the 650MB and there is not much to worry about.

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