How to get a free M4 anniversary skin in COD Mobile

by Johnson Daniel

To all the lovers of Call of  Duty Mobile, I want to show you how you can get an anniversary skin for your M4 gun for free. There’s a new season already, and some of you already know that you need to purchase a Battle Pass before you can enjoy more stuff in the game; however, that’s not always the case.

For those of you who have purchased this season’s Battle Pass, you should have gotten an anniversary skin for your  Razorback gun, which is good. Those of you who purchased the Battle Pass and have not gotten theirs, don’t worry; you will get yours sooner or later.

Back to getting an M4 anniversary skin for free. Unlike the Razorback gun, you don’t need to purchase any Battle Pass. Apply the procedures that I’m going to disclose to you to your account, and you will get it instantly.

How to get a free M4 anniversary skin in COD Mobile

 Go to this website,, on your mobile device. If you try using a PC to access the site, it won’t open. As soon as the site opens on your browser, go to your Call of Duty Mobile profile, copy your User ID (UID), and then go back to the site and paste the ID in the box where you can find UID written on top.

For the redemption code, type Bfnfzczf5m, type the verification code provided in the box beside it, and click Submit. A pop-up message should appear asking you to confirm this. Click yes, and after doing so, login to your Call of Duty Mobile account, go to your inbox area and claim the gift.photo5794418612319138760

That’s how you can get a free M4 anniversary skin, and it didn’t take you up to five minutes. If you are afraid of the website being a scam, there’s no need to panic because the website is owned by Call of Duty.

There’s a video tutorial up there for you to watch in case you can’t get it done right, and finally, don’t forget to share this tutorial with your fellow gamers. Remember sharing is caring.

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