How to get a free USA number in Nigeria using Text Me

by Johnson Daniel

Are you still having a hard time getting a USA number here in Nigeria without having to pay a dime? You are in the right place to get a solution to your problems. If you are new to this blog, I’d like to point out that we have created lots of tutorials on how to get a USA number. Today’s article won’t be focused on something different.

I recently discovered a new trick to get USA number(s) under, let’s say, 10 – 15 minutes. You can use the number to verify as many accounts online as you want. However, not all of the numbers work, so you need to keep creating different numbers until you get one that works.

The app we are going to use is called Text Me. It is an app used to send SMS to any number in the USA or Canada. Before we dive into the tutorial stage, I’d like to point out some items you’re going to need to get a USA number with this app.

  • Text Me – Download here.
  • Ultrasurf VPN – Download here.
  • Active email address.

How to get a free USA number in Nigeria using Text Me

Creating the USA number using the Text Me app shouldn’t take long, so pay full attention. First of all, connect to the Ultrasurf VPN and launch Text Me. Tap ‘GET STARTED,’ followed by ‘LOG IN / SIGN UP WITH EMAIL.’ Select from the list of phone numbers shown to you. This action should take you to the page to provide your email address and a password. Provide an email and password, then click sign up.

You’re done with getting your USA number using the app. Kindly note that not all of the numbers you generate are valid, so if you wish to create another number, you have to register with another email to get a number.

iOS users can also give this a try but using another VPN. Since Ultrasurf VPN is not available for iOS devices, you can try using Betternet VPN while downloading Text Me from here.

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