How to get and accumulate more than 500MB data on MTN

by Johnson Daniel
my mtn app cheat

MyMTN app is MTN’s self-care app that helps out with so many things that include giving out 500MB free data to its users for downloading and registering their MTN number on the app. For more information on this 500MB free data gifting, kindly read this article to find out more >> How to get free 500MB data from MyMTN app.

The 500MB data can only be gotten once on every MTN SIM card using the method in the article but what if I told you that you can get more than that 500MB data on the MTN SIM card, that would be a win for you right?

I’ll be quick with you and show you how you can get 500MB data and accumulate the data until it stops working for your SIM card. With this, you can accumulate more than 2GB data even up to 10GB data or more depending on some factors.


  • 2 MTN SIM cards; One must have been used to register on MyMTN app and the other should have not been used on the app.
  • MyMTN app – Download here.
  • An auto-clicker app or a 2G network.

How to get and accumulate more than 500MB data on MTN

  • Launch the MyMTN app and log in using the already registered number then invite the second MTN number to download the app. For more insight on how to refer numbers to download MyMTN app, see this article >> How to get 2GB data for free on MTN.
  • Once the referred MTN line registers on the MyMTN app, the old number would get 200MB data credited into its account automatically while the new one would get 500MB mtn app cheat
  • Just like in the screenshot above, you should see a message that would read; “Y’ello Daniel Johnson, You have been rewarded with 500MB Free data + a free offer. Click to Activate data and crack the egg to view offer !!. Do not click this yet, this is where you need the 2G network or auto-clicker app.
  • Launch the auto-clicker app, grant it all permissions then open the MyMTN app and place the auto-clicker on the “CLICK TO CLAIM 500MB” link and leave it to auto-click it before the link goes off. This is one fast way to accumulate the data or you can change your network to a 2G network, tap on the message and cancel it immediately. Keep doing it until you accumulate as much data as you want.

There is currently a bug on MyMTN app which is causing this trick to work so I would urge you to get your data as fast as possible before it gets blocked and you feel left out. Since the 500MB data is valid for a day, the data you accumulate would be valid for a day.

Don’t forget to share this with your friends and do not hesitate to drop a comment below if it worked for you or if you have any questions.

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