How to get double data on MTN in 2023 – 24GB at N3,500, 40GB at N5,000

by Johnson Daniel

At this point, some (if not most) of us cannot emphasize the importance of data in our daily lives because we place a high value on it because we live in an age when it is most needed.

As Africans, or more specifically, Nigerians, data has appeared to be costly to obtain over the years. Many customers complain that the data does not last as long as it should, and others simply cannot cope with the price increase. The Nigerian Communications Commission has already explained why our data does not last, and to be fair, they made some valid points. To deal with the high cost of data, we simply need to go where data is cheapest. To be honest, MTN is the best network for you right now.

Why choose MTN? Simple! MTN is ideally the only network that has not only introduced new affordable data offers but has also consistently provided double data to its customers. Activating MTN’s double data offer is a topic I’ve covered on this blog, and I’m happy to do so again.

In case you didn’t know, MTN’s double data offers are still active, and I’ll show you how to activate them yourself in this article. If you’re unfamiliar with ‘double data offers,’ it simply means getting twice the amount of data purchased. For example, if you buy 1MB, you will receive 2 MB instead of 1 MB. Simply put, you get twice as much data for every amount you spend.

How to get double data on MTN in 2023

Ensure your SIM card is enabled for 4G LTE service. Dial ∗131∗9# on the SIM and select either “TopDeal4ME” or “Data4ME,” then enter the required number and follow the prompts to activate. Every SIM card will not receive the same double data offer, as some may be able to purchase 4GB (2GB + 2GB) for N1,200, 3GB (1.5GB + 1.5GB) for N1,000, 24GB (12GB + 12GB) for N3,500, 40GB (20GB + 20GB) for N5,000, and so on.

Furthermore, depending on the plan you choose, you can receive a 3-hour (600MB YouTube) weekly or 2GB data to use on YouTube.

This offer should be available to all prepaid MTN customers; the only requirement is that you have a 4G LTE-enabled SIM. Also, all double data offers have a 30-day validity period, except the 2GB (N500) plan, which is only valid for seven (7) days.

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