How to get free 1GB data on MTN in 2022

There are only a few weeks until the end of the year, and MTN has one more offer for its customers that allows them to get at least 1GB of free data to browse and download.

Many people are familiar with the procedure required to obtain free data. All you have to do is download the myMTN NG app from Google Play or the Apple App Store, log in with your MTN number, and you will instantly receive 1GB of data.

If you received 500MB of data from the old myMTN app, you will not be able to get the free data; this 1GB data is only available to SIM cards that have not received a data reward for downloading the MTN app.

While the 1GB data is only available to certain SIM cards, MTN is offering a free 2GB offer. To get this free data, simply recharge your phone with more than N500 from your debit card using the app.


MyMTN NG, which has recently been upgraded, is a user-friendly App that provides MTN Nigeria customers and non-customers with access to a diverse range of MTN Products and Services. myMTN NG reaffirms MTN Nigeria’s commitment to providing bespoke services tailored to customers’ lifestyles, as well as an in-built commerce engine for a significantly improved shopping/buying experience, giving users complete control and access to everything they need, wherever they go.

Features of myMTN NG app

  1. Login with your social media accounts or MTN number: This new feature offers users multiple ways to log in – through Google, Apple, Facebook, or a valid MTN number, offering more than one way to stay connected wherever they go.
  2. Buy or borrow airtime & data bundles: Buying or borrowing airtime and data bundles just got easier, safer, and faster on the new myMTN NG App, giving users the chance to stay ahead while on the go.
  3. Get detailed account balances in real-time: Gives users the freedom to manage, update, and get detailed account balances at any time.
  4. Unlock personalized offers & exclusive deals: MyMTN NG users can get more for less by unlocking personalized offers and exclusive deals.
  5. Save & manage payment cards: Users can now save and manage their payment cards to enjoy a hassle-free payment experience, with no need to enter their card details every other time.
  6. Access lifestyle features – News, Sports & Entertainment: Take the front seat and catch all the latest Gist, trends, news, sports, movies, and more as e dey hot on myMTN NG.

And there’s more. MTN Nigeria customers can use the app for free indefinitely (no data charges are required while using the App). The app is a one-stop shop for all MTN services, with a plethora of features ranging from trending gist to sports, entertainment, and news.

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