mSurvey program should not be new to our ears if you have been following this blog for quite some time. We’ve shed some light on this program in the times past where you can easily get N100 free airtime on either your 9mobile or Airtel SIM card by answering just 10 questions.photo5994445371121709315

The last time we shared this, it got blocked some few minutes later and now it is back but only for Airtel users. This is why I have come to share with you how to get free N100 airtime on Airtel via mSurvey program before they run out of cash again and block it. Since I want to make things easier for you, here are the ten (10) questions that you should expect to answer in order to get the free N100 airtime.

  1. Hi! mSurvey invites you to join our community to provide feedback. You will get surveys and N100 upon completion of each. By continuing, you agree to our terms: TEXTS ARE FREE.
  2. Great! Tell us a bit about you. Do you own the phone you are currently using?
  3. Is your phone a Smart Phone?
  4. What is your gender?
  5. In what year were you born?
  6. Are you currently working?
  7. What is the highest level of education you reached?
  8. Which level did you reach?
  9. Did you complete senior secondary school?
  10. Which state do you live in?

These are the ten (10) questions that you are expected to answer, you get to answer most of them with numbers like 1 or 2, while only few require using words.photo5994445371121709314

How to get free N100 airtime on Airtel via mSurvey Program

Pick up your Airtel SIM card, go to the message centre and send Audience to 34464. Within 2-5 minutes, you should see the questions coming up one by one. When you are done with answering all of them, expect your N100 airtime immediately.

That’s how you can get free N100 airtime on your Airtel SIM card for now, hurry before it gets blocked like before and don’t forget to share your testimonies via the comment box below. Enjoy!

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