How to get free USA number using 2nd Line app

by Johnson Daniel
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Getting a free USA number as a Nigerian has often been a mystery amongst us in this country as in the past few weeks, I’ve been looking for ways to get a USA number that I can use for WhatsApp, Telegram and also teach you guys how to do it for free of charge. After patiently waiting, I finally discovered how to get a free USA number here in Nigeria.

Many individuals charge people to help them create the USA number(s). Even when the post was written on how to get a free USA number here on this blog for a price, I was surprised that many individuals responded as they needed it urgently.

It’s still unfortunate that the tutorial shared on how to get a free USA number in Nigeria using TextPlus app doesn’t seem to work anymore. Here today, I will show you how you can create a USA number using another app called 2nd Line: Second Phone Number for Texts & Calls app. The number can be used to open accounts on WhatsApp, Telegram, verify Google Voice accounts, etc.photo5953805595998007834

This is the info I have for most of you reading this now, please and please take your time to go through the procedure that I’m going to show you relating to how you can get the USA number as there’s a big chance that you won’t be able to create a USA number if you miss a step, so read the next few paragraphs carefully.

Requirements for creating a USA number

  • 2nd Line: Second Phone Number for Texts & Calls app – Download here. For those of you finding it difficult to download the app from Google Playstore, you can join our Telegram channel and search for the app. You should find it available for download there.
  • A working VPN app. Most preferably, HMA VPN, Nord VPN, etc.
  • Fake credit card details. For this, you need to generate a fake credit card details using this site > Use this BIN to help you create a working credit card details > 5496278140 (Copy the number and paste it in the BIN box, click GENERATE to get working some fake credit card details) The fake credit card should look like this > 5496278140454333|03 (MM) |2023 (YY) |085 (CVV). I’m just disclosing this to you to make an error when you try to create your USA number.scrnli 5 31 2020 8 34 49 PM

How to get free USA number using 2nd Line app

Connect to your VPN using the United States as the location and head over to your Google Playstore. Open the hamburger menu, tap Payment methods > Add credit or debit card.

Fill in the card number and its details from any of the BIN you generated using the site above. Use any name of your choice, select the United States as your country, and use 10001 as your ZIP code. If your Google Play account’s country choice is set as the United States, the card should be linked, while most times, the card won’t link with your Google Play account even when the country of the Google Play account is set to the United States.photo5953805595998007832

If you can’t change the country of your email account, open a new email account and use a VPN that is connected to the United States and open the account on Google Playstore, this should set it to the United States.

Once you have linked the card, launch the 2nd Line app and tap GET STARTED. On the next page, you would be asked to insert an area code. You can type in 715, 502, 804, 314, or any code of your choice and tap search. It should bring up a list containing some available numbers, select any one of your choices, and after selecting that, you would be asked to select a plan.

Select any of the plans, and when the pop-up menu for payment comes up, select the card you linked on Google Playstore, and this should log you in automatically. With that, you should have created the number. You can now go ahead and use it on WhatsApp, Telegram, or any app of your choice.photo5953805595998007840

I know that this procedure seems so confusing. Unfortunately, a video tutorial can’t be provided for you guys because the procedure doesn’t work all the time, but if you can be careful enough, you will get your number as I got mine.

The number you create gets to expire in a few days, but you can get a new one by simply clearing the data of the 2nd Line app on your device and repeating the steps outlined above.

Also, Google can detect that you used a fake credit card and block the card immediately. This is where you will now need to create another card to link to your Google Play account just for future purposes.

This is why we would be posting working BINs on our Telegram channel once or twice a week to keep you updated. Do well to join us there using this link > JOIN US ON TELEGRAM, and don’t worry if this doesn’t work for you, and I’m still searching for simpler methods to use in creating a USA number. So if you have any questions or contributions to make, please use the comment box below.


Nasiru December 12, 2020 - 4:34 am

Can I use it to make call and send SMS to any Africa number’s..

Johnson Daniel December 12, 2020 - 5:12 am

No sir.


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