MTN Nigeria set to allot free shares to investors

MTN has recently launched an offer to reward customers who link their National Identification Number (NIN) to their MTN lines. This offer is being made to Nigerians by the South African-owned telecommunications company, which joins Glo and 9mobile.

Since the beginning of the year, every Nigerian has been directed to link their NIN to their SIMs, and the deadline has been extended several times to ensure that many Nigerians do not have their lines blocked. Despite this, many Nigerian citizens have failed to comply with the order. As a result, approximately 72.77 million active telecom customers were unable to make phone calls using their SIM cards.

The good news is that subscribers with blocked lines can have them unblocked by linking their SIM cards to their NINs, and there is a reward waiting for you as an MTN customer if you complete this step.

MTN is offering N20,000 in airtime to every customer who links their NIN to their MTN line. MTN already has an offer titled “NIN Incentive Airtime Bonus” aimed at this cause; customers received a N10,000 airtime reward, but it appears that this is insufficient to entice customers to link their NIN to their lines. The price of the reward has now been doubled in the hopes of convincing customers to complete the NIN-SIM linkage.How to get N20,000 free airtime on MTN in 2022

Steps on how to claim the N20,000 free airtime on MTN

  • Dial ∗785∗Your NIN# on your MTN SIM card to submit your National Identity Number (NIN).
  • Once your NIN has been linked to your line, you will receive a message informing you that you can now access the airtime bonus and you will be able to access the free airtime.

The MTN NIN Offer is a one-time bonus offer available only to customers who are barred from making outgoing calls on the MTN network due to NIN noncompliance.

You can check your airtime balance at any time by dialling either ∗556# or ∗559∗64#.

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