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Jumia is a Pan-African technology company built around a marketplace, logistics service and payment service. The primary focus of this company is its marketplace which allows users to purchase goods online. This company has partnered with over 110,000 active sellers and individuals to make this marketplace possible.

Now, when it comes to making purchases on this platform, there is an item tagged “Jumia Voucher.” What does this do? It gives a discount on the price of goods or services to be purchased in the marketplace.

You can get Jumia vouchers for free from time to time directly from the company, as long as you’re registered on the Jumia platform. However, getting vouchers from the platform every time is not guaranteed but there is currently a guaranteed way to get Jumia Vouchers for yourself and use them at any time until it expires.

Hopefully, it isn’t a little too late for those of you reading this now but I’m here to show you how you can get a Jumia Voucher worth N1,000, N2,500 or N5,000. It all depends on you, I’ll explain in a bit.Jumia 5k voucher

How to get a 5K Jumia voucher for free

  • Go to using either your smartphone or PC and sign up for an account.
  • Scroll down until you come across “Exciting Offers & Games.” Tap Jumia Box – Play the game to win amazing prizes.”Jumia Box
  • Tap the screen to start (Using a smartphone) or press space or click the left mouse button to start (Using a PC).
  • Play the game and get a specific number of points to get the free voucher.

There should be a limit to how many vouchers you can get now because of how individuals have taken advantage of the reward and abused the game. You need to get 30 points from the game to claim the N5,000 voucher. Getting 19 points would give you either a N1,000 or N2,500 voucher. After getting the voucher(s), you can use them on only orders having a minimum price of N5,500.

How to redeem a Jumia voucher

To redeem your voucher directly during the checkout process, just enter your code into the voucher field found on the cart page, or in the third step of checkout.

After entering the code – consisting of both letters and numbers – click the ‘Redeem’ button. The sum of the voucher will be automatically subtracted from the total value of your purchase. Should you wish to, you can clear the voucher, by clicking ‘x’ in the bottom right corner of the price list.

Conditions of voucher use

  • Only one voucher is redeemable per order.
  • Vouchers have a limited period of validity.
  • Vouchers may not be redeemable against discounted items.
  • Vouchers may only be valid for particular brands and categories relevant to the campaign.
  • Vouchers may have a minimum order value.
  • Vouchers can only be used once.
  • In the case that you return your item, your voucher’s validity will not be renewed.
  • Unfortunately, it is not possible to redeem your discount voucher retrospectively.

I believe this offer might not be available soon because of the abuse from many individuals, so, I’ll urge you to take advantage of this offer and get your own voucher(s).

*The vouchers are only valid for items purchased on the Jumia website. They can’t be used to buy airtime and food on Jumia Pay.

Do not hesitate to leave a comment below if you face any issue with getting your own voucher or have any questions. And don’t forget to share with your friends if it works for you.

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