How to get Safemoon on Trust Wallet

by Johnson Daniel

Cryptocurrency has been the talk of the town since the turn of the year, and unsurprisingly, even amateurs are trading crypto as we speak. Many already believe that crypto is life, and if you’re not holding some coins, you’re making a big mistake.

We are not here to judge whether this is right or wrong. Our very own business here and now is to see how we can get one of this not-so-popular coin, Safemoon, on our Trust Wallet address. This tutorial would be short and thorough in helping you understand how you can get the coin and possibly many other coins in the same category as this coin.

I’m sure that people reading this should already have a Trust Wallet address, so there’s no need to go through the steps on how to own a multi-coin wallet. For the newbies, I’ll quickly go through the steps for creating your multi-coin wallet. If you are a newbie using an Android device, you can download the app from Google Playstore, while iOS users can download the app from the iOS store.

Upon the app’s first launch, you will see something similar to what is on the screen below, which is the part where you can “Create a New Wallet” or “Import” an existing one. For this guide, we will select Create a New Wallet. Put a checkmark at the box, then press on Continue.

Saving your recovery phase is an essential part of your crypto journey. It would be best if you took note of your recovery seed phrases. Your recovery phrases are the keys to your crypto wallet. So make sure to keep them in a safe place. Tap on Continue to proceed.

If you followed my advice and backed up your recovery phrase, this will be a breeze. In the correct order, select the words to complete the verification process. Click Continue when you are finished.

You will be redirected to the main wallet screen after going through the backup and verification process. You will see an initial list of coins that you can start funding right away. With this, you have your multi-coin wallet.

As you should know by now, it is impossible to purchase Safemoon or any other coin on Trust Wallet. In real life scenario, there are two ways you can get Safemoon to your Trust Wallet, the first is by asking or paying someone to send a certain amount of Safemoon to you, or you get it by swapping a coin with it. We are here to learn how to the second, do not worry. It’s not something that should trouble you a bit.

To get started, the first thing you need is BNB. You can get BNB by purchasing it from places like Binance. If you find Binance challenging to use, you can look for people willing to sell BNB, or you get it on the popular crypto-exchange platforms you know about, Luno, Roqqu, and the rest, i.e., if they support buying and selling of BNB. As of the moment, there are only two ways to get BNB on your Smart Chain address:

  1. Receive BNB from another Trust Wallet user.
  2. Withdraw to a BSC address from Binance.

The first one is self-explanatory, so that we will focus on the second option. You can already withdraw your BNB from a Binance exchange account to your Trust Wallet Smart Chain address.

You can send and receive BNB using your Smart Chain address on Trust Wallet. For now, we will show you how you can quickly move your BNB tokens on Binance Smart Chain.

1. How to get the Smart Chain Address

Search for Smart Chain and enable it on the app. Then, tap on Receive to see the address. Tap on Copy to save the address on your device clipboard.

2. How to withdraw to a BSC address from Binance

On your Binance account, open your BNB wallet, then tap on Withdraw. Select BEP20 as the Network. Indicate the amount and complete the steps to withdraw.

Wait for the exchange to process your request. Once it is confirmed, you will immediately receive BNB to your Smart Chain address.

How to get Safemoon on Trust Wallet

After getting BNB on your Smart Chain, the next thing is to visit Pancake Swap via your Trust Wallet Dapps browser, then go to this web address – to get Safemoon on Trust Wallet

Connect your Trust Wallet address to Pancakeswap by tapping the icon located at the top corner of your screen (as seen in the screenshot below), select Smart Chain to link your Trust Wallet.

You should see be on the exchange page but if you happen to be on another page, open the hamburger menu and tap Exchange. Select the coin you’re swapping from as BNB. To select Safemoon as the currency you’re trading to, you tap Select a Currency and where it’s written, Search name or paste an address, paste this address there to make Safemoon available to you – 0x8076c74c5e3f5852037f31ff0093eeb8c8add8d3.

Select Safemoon, put the amount of BNB you are willing to swap (ensure you have enough to cover for the trading fee), and tap Swap to complete. Once you get a confirmation message, you can go back to your Trust Wallet main dashboard to see the Safemoon.

You can use this method to get almost any token on Trust Wallet. All you need is to get the contact address for the particular coin you want to trade. Here’s a list containing the contact address of some coins:

  • SAFEMARS – 0x3aD9594151886Ce8538C1ff615EFa2385a8C3A88
  • GADOSHI – 0x619b20c554df4f915173a0f4f34c82e6c2cd944d
  • FEU – 0x254e47f6402f48f3f12cfedf04d24aafeac3a25e
  • PITBULL – 0xa57ac35ce91ee92caefaa8dc04140c8e232c2e50
  • FEG – 0xacfc95585d80ab62f67a14c566c1b7a49fe91167
  • BSCDOG – 0xab329b1b7785be9f954bacfc7fa663ce9b36338d
  • TRDG – 0x92a42Db88Ed0F02c71D439e55962Ca7CAB0168b5
  • SAFEBTC – 0x380624a4a7e69db1ca07deecf764025fc224d056
  • SAFESUN – 0xC3a1cB41bb55f80DcABADf53beDec28c42Bd0253
  • XBN – 0x547cbe0f0c25085e7015aa6939b28402eb0ccdac
  • WOLF – 0x2773f3fb0f7baba01cdcaab002fd3373de2860b3
  • SAFEWORLD – 0x13cd025674bdf9e295d53b37e04295f9581bf556
  • PXA – 0x086b098699a219903f5a7df526ba2874f1637f30
  • PNUT – 0xbb64ad751d8984d1e8d2d1ffa23748f1bd91592c
  • AMOGUS – 0x1cfe4495e672c4658690d4875df6b375592c792b
  • EXF – 0x6306e883493824ccf606d90e25f68a28e47b98a3
  • PIGtoken – 0x8850d2c68c632e3b258e612abaa8fada7e6958e5
  • Soul(apoyield) – 0x67d012F731c23F0313CEA1186d0121779c77fcFE
  • PDAO – 0x1af3b59a839e97e944c65177ab3a024b499133f8
  • BEE – 0x71a84dfae991adcb09ac21b8313a1bfdc1b4ff07
  • CT – 0x9130ae8e2826947cf8b6a06333890b4e8a1667c7
  • Degen – 0xb37b51c5c4c934468b49b55fec15e76c9b538ff3
  • Watch – 0x7a9f28eb62c791422aa23ceae1da9c847cbec9b0
  • dailys – 0xe0d6ad5a77fd1ed1a22f89657e4248a8ac6a8cbf
  • tpt – 0xeca41281c24451168a37211f0bc2b8645af45092
  • CBIX – 0x92a42Db88Ed0F02c71D439e55962Ca7CAB0168b5
  • TNX(tenex) – 0x552de42faef036196bf4ed55356364b5dbc09475
  • lead – 0x2ed9e96edd11a1ff5163599a66fb6f1c77fa9c66
  • TSUKI – 0x3fd9e7041c45622e8026199a46f763c9807f66f3

I hope this article gave you what you wanted. Before I drop my pen, I have one crucial piece of info to share with you. BNB that is on your Smart Chain address can only be sent to another Smart Chain address. Please ensure that you are sending to a Smart Chain address so that the funds are safe. There will be no issues sending BNB to a Trust Wallet user, as it is fully supported. But in case you want to trade your BNB, for now, you can send them to your Binance account.

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EUGENE April 21, 2021 - 12:28 pm

What will happen to the token on the binance smart chain..will it disappear after swapping??


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