How to increase Telegram channel & group followers for free using Membersgram

by Johnson Daniel

There seem to be limitless tricks that can be done on Telegram as I’ve just discovered a working way to increase your Telegram channel or group followers for free of charge, 100% working. With the method that I’m going to share here today, you can get at least 100 unique followers on your Telegram channel or group.

I know many Telegram group and channel owners are keen to know how to do that, well I must let you know that I’m only showing this step to you for educational purposes and any we will not be held responsible for any loss in using this method that would be faced eventually.

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How to increase Telegram channel & group followers for free

For us to be able to increase our Telegram channel or group followers, we need to install an app called Membersgram here (17MB),. For those of you who have Android devices, you can download it from as for the iOS users, I’m sorry as the app is not available for you to download.

Signing up on the Membersgram app is similar to the steps you use in signing up for your normal Telegram app. All you need to do is to type in the preferred phone number you use on Telegram, a verification code would be sent to your Telegram account, kindly check the account, copy the verification code and type it in the space provided on the Membersgram app page.

Now click Next. If you have two-step verification enabled on your Telegram account, you would need to answer the question you set-up while setting up your two-step verification. On the next page, you would be asked to type in an invitation code, kindly use this code >> 10066532 to get 20 points for free.

Immediately you use the code, you will be credited with 35 coins i.e 15 coins as a welcome pack and the 20 points you got from using the code above. Now, this is where all the work starts.photo5825772891487187788

If you take a good look at the main page of Membersgram app you should find out that the app’s main page is divided into three tabs; BUY COINS, EARN COINS & GET MEMBERS. Here’s how getting followers for your channel and group work on the Membersgram app.

How it works

You join the channels on the app to get free coins which can be used as money for getting followers for your channel or group. For each channel you join, you earn “2” Membersgram coins and you buy members for your channels or groups with those coins, if you need more members at a faster rate, you can use the BUY COINS option.

To make joining channels easier for you, Membersgram has given you the option to use their Automatic joiner feature to do so. Instead of clicking the join button every time, you can enable auto-join and auto-view feature on the app and let the app do the job for you.photo5825772891487187787

Exchange rate of coin-to-members on Membersgram

  • 100 coins = 25 members
  • 400 coins = 100 members
  • 2,000 coins = 500 members
  • 4,000 coins = 1,000 members
  • 20,000 coins = 5,000 membersphoto5825772891487187789

The number of followers you can get in a day all depends on your work rate. However, there are pros and cons to using the Membersgram app. So what are they?

Pros of Membersgram

  • Easy means to get members
  • Members are authentic
  • It saves you cash from advertising your channel
  • You can make money by getting orders from other people to increase their member count
  • You can gift other people free ” post views ” and make money by doing so

Cons of Membersgram

  • Leaving any of the channel prompts you to owe coins which must be paid in full before you can get more coins
  • Members might not engage in the channel’s post because it seems as if they were forced to join the channel
  • The members are almost as fake as they are real

There you have it, the pros and cons that we have been able to compile from using this app. So far so good, Membersgram has proven to be legit as it has been tested by me. I’ve seen so many people pay people to grow their Telegram channel and little do they know that the people they may use this method to help grow their channel, you too can make cash today using this medium however I must advise you not to abuse it.

Important tips to know when ordering members from Membersgram

  • The channel must be public
  • Do not change the public channel link until the order is completed as your order would be stopped if you change the link or make it private

Don’t forget to share this post with your friends who own Telegram channel and groups, you can also feel free to join us on Telegram to get more post updates.

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Ahmad April 21, 2020 - 8:59 am

Are the members real? Or fake?

Johnson Daniel April 21, 2020 - 9:57 am

They are real

Dairon August 22, 2020 - 1:15 am

I cannot set English idiom in the app, what i cant do

Johnson Daniel August 22, 2020 - 4:22 am

It seems this is a new issue for major English-speaking users which I believe would be rectified soon in recent updates.

Rauny August 22, 2020 - 1:16 am

I cannot set English idiom in the app, what i cant do

atknows November 27, 2022 - 12:53 pm

Thanks for this great informative content


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