How to install Android TV apps on your Android smartphone

by Johnson Daniel

Google has been putting much effort into its smart TV platform, Android TV to improve the app downloading experience on Android TV-powered smart TVs. Android TV just got a massive upgrade as Google has made it so you can install apps on Android TV remotely through your Android smartphone, making downloading new streaming apps even more straightforward.

The feature was first spotted by a Redditor named u/avigi who took to the Android TV subreddit to share a screenshot showcasing the feature. In the screenshot, we can see that the Google Play Store on Android smartphones now allows users to install an app on an Android TV-powered device such as the Xiaomi MIBOX4. The feature is available for TV-compatible apps only and lets users choose the device on which they want to download and install the apps via a drop-down menu from the “Install” button.

Android TV app install using Android phone ss

A screenshot showcasing the feature

Additionally, you could remotely install apps from your web browser for some time. The new feature is strictly for installing it from your Android smartphone, which is probably the most convenient way to get apps on your Android TV device since your phone is almost always with you.

Google seems to be rolling out this feature gradually as not all users are seeing it on their phones yet. Nonetheless, we can expect it to roll out publicly sooner rather than later.

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