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Microsoft added Android app support on Windows 11 recently, but it comes with the Amazon Appstore, which does not offer a lot of apps at the moment.

Since Windows has support to install Android apps, installing Google Play Store would help get more apps on your Windows since it offers more apps than the Amazon Appstore.

Thanks to a developer named ADeltaX, you can now directly install apps from the Google Play Store and utilize all of the Google apps as well. So if you are looking for a way to install Google Play Store on Windows 11, follow our guide below.

Steps to install Google Play Store on Windows 11

The first thing you need to do is to uninstall the existing version of the Windows Subsystem for Android. The Google Play Store support is not available in the older version of Windows Subsystem for Android.

Uninstall Windows System for Android

To uninstall WSA, you first need to click on the Start button, search Windows Subsystem for Android and uninstall it. Once you uninstall the WSA, all the apps will be gone.

Turn on the Developer Mode

After uninstalling the older version of the Windows Subsystem for Android, you need to turn on the Developer Mode. To turn on the Developer Mode, you need to open Windows 11 search and type in Developer Settings. Then, open the Developer Settings from the list of options and enable the developer options.

Developer Settings

Download the Windows Subsystem for Android Package/Kernel File

The next step includes downloading the Windows Subsystem for the Android package. Again, make sure to use the same Package that we have shared below.

  • Download WSA Package (Any other version of WSA won’t work with the Google Play Store. So, it’s best to download this file).
  • Download the Package and extract it into a new folder.

extract it into a new folder

  • Next, you need to Download the Kernel File.
  • Move to the WSA folder that you have extracted and open the Tools folder. On the Tools folder, paste the kernel file that you have downloaded.

paste the kernel file

Install Windows Subsystem for Android

Now, you need to install the Windows Subsystem for Android. To install it, open Windows 11 search and type in Powershell. Right-click on Powershell and select Run as administrator.


  • On the Powershell Window, enter the cd command followed by the extracted WSA folder location- cd “Your extracted WSA folder location” For example – cd "C:\User\Amarnath\Location of the extracted WSA folder"(Replace ‘Location of the extracted WSA Folder’ with the actual address).

Powershell 2

  • Execute this command – Add-AppxPackage -Register .\AppxManifest.xml on the Powershell and this will install the Windows Subsystem for Android on your Windows 11 PC.

Execute the command

Enable Developer Mode in WSA

The next step includes enabling Developer mode in WSA. For that, open Windows 11 search and type in Windows Subsystem for Android. Then, open WSA from the list. After doing that, you need to enable the Developer Mode option.

  • enable the Developer Mode optionClick on the Files button.

click on the Files button

  • Now on the diagnostic data pop-up, click on the Continue button.

click on the Continue button

Installing Google Play Store

Here we need to make a few changes to enable the Google Play Store on Windows 11 PC. For that, you need to navigate to the C:\adb\platform tools folder. Now on the File Explorer address bar, type in CMD and hit the Enter button.

Installing Google Play Store 24

On the Command prompt, type in adb connect and your localhost address and hit the Enter button. For example, adb connect with your Localhost address).

Installing Google Play Store 24

If you don’t know your localhost address, you can find it in the Settings of Windows Subsystem for Android. Next, type in adb shell on the Command Prompt and hit the Enter button.

adb shell

  • Type in su and hit the Enter button.
  • SU CommandType in setenforce 0 and hit the Enter button.

setenforce 0

Accessing the Google Play Store

If you have followed the steps carefully, the Google Play Store will be up and running on your system. Just open the Windows 11 start menu and click on the Google Play Store Icon.

Google Play Store

You will be asked to sign in with your Google Account. Simply sign in, and you will be able to install the apps directly from the Play Store.

That is how you can install Google Play Services and other Google frameworks on Windows Subsystem for Android in Windows 11. It will not just allow you to officially download Android apps from the Google Play Store but also use apps dependent on Google Play Services for notifications and other services. If you face any issues, let us know in the comment section below.

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