How to make free phone calls on Glo

by Johnson Daniel

Some Glo customers are currently making free calls, and there is almost nothing stopping you from joining them. There’s no telling whether this is due to a glitch on the telecom provider’s end or a feature, but as long as it works, why don’t we try to enjoy it?

On the Glo network, it is currently possible to make phone calls without using up any airtime. All of this is possible with its Pay4Me service. See this article for more information on this service.

How to make free phone calls on Glo

Dial any number and prefix it with ‘777,’ for example, ‘77708123456789.’ Just like that! This feature appears to be SIM-selective, so it’s best to try it when you don’t have any airtime on your SIM card.

Lastly, you must ensure that your SIM card is registered for this to work and that it is compatible with all tariffs regardless of whether it is a new or old SIM card.


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