How to make online payments using a Kuda account

by Johnson Daniel

There are so many right sides to using Kuda microfinance as your bank as they do not tie you down with charges like other popular banks in the country. Kuda runs entirely on your phone (with an internet connection), and they’ll deliver your debit card to any address in Nigeria.

To make online payments, you need to make use of a credit/debit card to an ideal man. That would be for other banks but not for Kuda. At the moment, you cannot make web payments using your Kuda card.

With this knowledge, you might wonder what use the card has when you cannot make an online payment. Well, you can still withdraw funds from your Kuda account from any ATM around you, most especially Access bank ATMs, not for making online payments.

This whole situation should be very discouraging in a time like this most, especially when you happen to be a die-hard Kuda customer. Not to worry, you can still make online payment(s) using your Kuda account, but you do not need a card to achieve this. All you need is a payment code/ID.

The people at Kuda are very much aware of the fact that their card cannot make an online payment, this is why they’ve introduced a new method to make online payment(s), and I’m just going to guide you on how to make online payments with ease using your Kuda account.

How to make online payments using a Kuda account

When you’re checking out on a website that accepts payments through Paystack, choose the Pay With Bank option, then select ‘Kuda Bank‘ as the bank to pay from, type in the phone number linked to your Kuda account, and you’ll be asked to type in your Pay ID. Next, open Kuda on your phone, tap Payments at the bottom of your dashboard, then tap Web Payment.

On the next screen, tap the Get Pay ID button, confirm (with Face ID, your fingerprint, or your transaction PIN) and copy your Pay ID. Go back to the website where you want to pay, paste your Pay ID then complete the payment.

Every Pay ID revealed to you has a validity period of 10 minutes. After the time elapses, you are required to generate a new Pay ID to make online payment(s) with your Kuda account.

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