How to make someone pay for your call on 9mobile

by Johnson Daniel

If you’ve been following our blog posts or you’ve read some of our blog posts before now you should find this particular thing where someone can pay for your call familiar, oh yes! Airtel has something like this called Call Collect Service and I’m sure that most of the Airtel visitors on our blog are enjoying it.

Thankfully, not only Airtel users get to enjoy this service anymore, 9mobile users seem to have joined the party and it’s actually a thing of joy.

As a 9mobile user, after you would be able to call that your special friend or friends and loved ones while they pay for the call but I must let you know that this only works when you call a 9mobile number and not any other operator.

How to make someone pay for your call on 9mobile

Pick up your phone with the 9mobile SIM card in it and dial 268 before the 9mobile number. E.g 2680809xxx and when they pick up, they will pay for every second spent while talking to you on the phone.AEDBE972 7077 4DAF BF4E EE2FC087588A

I highly advise you not to see this as an avenue not to pay for any call to a 9mobile user as the person set to pay for the call would be informed first of all before he or she will accept or decline the request.

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