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Are you willing to blow your social media friend’s mind? Many tricks can help you in this context and making your profile name invisible is one of them. But how can we do it?

The reason for writing this guide is to elaborate on this trick and provides you with all of the information that
is required to go for this trick. It can be really fun to share your pictures and interact with your friends without showing your name and for some people, it will surely be a mystery.

How can it be possible?

Many people may think that it can be a difficult trick and they cannot do it but we can say that this is one of the easiest and interesting tricks. All we need to pick some characters of a language that cannot be translated into English so, it is pretty
cleared that these characters are unable to display.Steps to make a profile name invisible

But the question is, how can we do it?

There are two approaches; one is to do it on your own and the second is to use a tool for generating a
blank text. Using an online tool can be time-saving and you don’t need to put in any effort for this.

How to make your profile name invisible on Facebook

If we specifically talk about Facebook which is one of the most common social media platforms and containing hundreds of users. So, let’s have a look at the steps.

  • Open the Facebook account: There are two options for using a Facebook account; one is to use a web tool and the second is to go for a mobile application. We recommend using a mobile application as it is easier and handy as well.
  • Go to settings: After logging in to your Facebook mobile app, there must be a tab named settings. Press on the settings tab and there are many options related to security, log-in details, themes, personal information, and many more things.
  • Go to personal information: After getting into the settings, click on personal information, this tab helps you to change the profile name, email address, and date of birth. All your concern must be your profile name and there is no need of changing any other credentials.
  • Click on the “name” option: The name option enables you to change the profile name of your social media accounts. You can also do it using the web tool of Facebook.
  • Copy the invisible code: We must use the “@” sign to write invisible text in the profile name option. All we need to do is, type a name in between the sign “@.” For example, if the profile name is Steven, we must use @Steven@ and copy the text written between the @ sign and paste it in the profile name option.

Generating blank text by using online toolsHow to make your profile name invisible on Facebook

As mentioned above that using tools can be a better choice instead of doing it on your own. So, there are some tools available that can do this for you and these tools are effective and let you make your profile name is invisible.

It is not wrong to say that blank text is not only used to make your profile name invisible but can be used to send a blank message. As we all know that we cannot send a message that is blank but using an online tool, we can do this very

There can be two methods available in a tool so, copy with a button and copy manually may be included. You can choose any of these options and prepare a blank text.

Is it possible to make a page name invisible?

It is completely possible to generate an invisible page name, all we need to follow are some steps as same as we follow for making an invisible profile name. Some steps are needed to be done as it is done for generating invisible text for the name of social media profiles. Let’s see how it works.

  • Login to your Facebook account
  • Click on “edit page”
  • There must be an option to change a page name
  • Type a name between @–@
  • Copy the text written between the sign of @
  • Paste in the name field of the Facebook page

Where we can use invisible text?

The invisible text can be used as any social media profile name but it is not limited to it only, we can use blank text to send a message.

As it’s mentioned above that sending a blank message is not possible on many social media platforms so, this text can be very useful regarding this.


Many fun activities can be done on social media platforms and writing an invisible profile name is one of them. Sending a blank message can also be fun and you can easily do it by following few steps.

We have shared all the steps that are needed to make a profile name invisible so, have a look at them and confuse your social media friends.

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