How to move WhatsApp chat history to Telegram

by Johnson Daniel

Telegram has proven to be a very useful messenger as it is no longer news that most WhatsApp users have been migrating to Telegram because of the features it has to offer.

Before now, leaving WhatsApp for Telegram should be a difficult decision due to the fact that you might lose all you chat history and all of that sort. However, you can move your WhatsApp chat history to Telegram without much hassle.

The best part is that the messages and media you move don’t need to occupy extra space. Older apps make you store all data on your device – but Telegram can take up virtually no space while letting you access all your messages, photos and videos anytime you need them.

The feature to help move WhatsApp chat history to Telegram was only available on iOS but now, it is available on Android too. Telegram introduced the new message history import tool on its iOS app yesterday. It came bundled with version 7.4 of the app.

Telegram soon issued another update with version number 7.4.1 that deleted the migration tool’s mention. However, you’ll still be able to import chats over from WhatsApp.

How to export WhatsApp chats to Telegram

  • To move a chat from WhatsApp on iOS, open the Contact Info or Group Info page in WhatsApp, tap Export Chat, then choose Telegram in the Share menu (WhatsApp for iOS also lets you export chats directly from the chat list. Swipe left on a chat, then choose ‘…’ > Export Chat).
  • On Android, open a WhatsApp chat, tap ⋮ > More > Export Chat, then choose Telegram in the Share menu

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