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Instagram has begun to roll out a new feature that lets users pin up to three posts on their profile. With this, you can now pin up to a total of three posts to the top of your profile with the rest of the six spots reserved for your most recent posts. Right in this article, we will be looking at a step-by-step guide on how you can pin photos, videos, or reels to your Instagram story.

Steps to pin posts on Instagram


Navigate to your profile in the Instagram app. Tap the vertical three dots icon in the top-right corner to select the post you want to pin to your profile. Tap “Pin to your profile” from the pop-up menu that appears. Instagram will now pin the post to your profile, ensuring that everyone who visits your profile sees it first.scrnli 6 9 2022 10 43 31 PM

To unpin an Instagram post, open it and tap the vertical three dots icon again. Then select “Unpin from profile.” If you remove all of the pinned posts, your feed will revert to its previous reverse chronological order.scrnli 6 9 2022 10 43 09 PM

Pinned posts are visible to both you and the public and will have a visual pin icon at the top right corner to indicate that you have pinned them.


Launch the Instagram app and navigate your profile. Tap the horizontal three dots menu and choose “Pin to your profile” or long-press and hold on to a picture to see the “Pin to Profile” option in the pop-up menu.scrnli 6 9 2022 10 42 37 PM

To unpin a previously pinned post on Instagram for iOS, open it and tap the horizontal three dots menu. Choose “Unpin from profile” from the list of options that appears or you can long-press and hold on to a post to see the “Unpin from Profile” option. This is the easiest way to remove pinned photos and videos from your Instagram profile on your iPhone.scrnli 6 9 2022 10 42 01 PM

This is how you can pin your photos, videos and reels to the top of your Instagram profile. Bear in mind that you can’t pin more than 3 photos, videos or reels as when you try pinning a fourth photo or video, it will replace the oldest pinned post.

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